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6 Splendid Places to Visit in Vietnam and Bring Out the Wanderlust in You!

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Vietnam is an astonishing blend of cultural diversity and natural highlights. The landscape and natural eye candy of the place ranges from barbed pinnacles seen from winding mountain which passes down to verdant paddy fields painted with each shade of green in the palette, while the country’s long history and an astonishing number of ethnic minorities mean that culture-vultures will find bounty to admire. Hikers, bikers, and outdoor lovers can get their teeth into the countryside within the numerous national parks, while the spectacular karst seascape of Halong Bay is one natural sight that even the more lethargic can understand very close on a journey. This entrancing country is just brimming with surprises and is one of Southeast Asia’s most misjudged destination.

Though Vietnam looks small on the map, you could without much of a stretch go through weeks exploring this intriguing nation. From the rugged mountains in the north to the tropical seashores in the south – and the entirety of the history and culture in the middle of – here are the 6 excellent cities to visit in Vietnam which are sure to bring out the wanderlust in you.

Halong Bay: The Place of Dragons

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Halong Bay is a well-known bay, which is situated in the north of Vietnam. The name of this spot, for example, Halong signifies “the spot of descending dragons‘. This place was not particularly known before the nineteenth century. However, in the ongoing years, the notoriety of this place has ascended to gain much value. It is a delightful bay which one can visit to appreciate the grand magnificence present all around. A paper in the eighteenth century revealed locating a winged serpent on its shore because of which this sound has got this name. This bay is known to contain around 1000 islands some of which are inhabited while some of them have been left vacant. This bay has been declared as a protected site by UNESCO and some parts of this bay are not accessible as the development of these areas is underway.

Hanoi: Parish of the East

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Hanoi is a resolute survivor of the many wars fought on its land and is now the capital of Vietnam. The city is packed with rustic beauty and romance and lies on the banks of the Red River. It is culturally and economically growing at a rapid rate and is a mix of old-age charm and a modern cosmopolitan outlook. A vast metropolis – Hanoi still holds relics of its French-occupied past in its French Quarters, and displays a distinguished class in its Old Quarter, centered around the Hoan Kiem Lake. It is a postcard-perfect vision of staggering pagodas, serene lanes, and perky boulevards with streets with sumptuous food options. In the midst of the flourishing economy and a proceeding with a feeling of progress, there is a solid essence of nostalgia apparent all over Hanoi. No big surprise then that it is called the ‘Paris of the East’! Sample the art scene, munch on the cuisine and bathe in the relaxed vibe of the city of Hanoi.

Ho Chi Minh: The Urbanized Capital

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Commonly alluded as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is about dynamism, crowded streets, high rises and urbanization melding great with a cultural side including Oriental style pagodas, antiquated temples, and conventional markets. With a sudden bout if economic uprising, the city offers something for everybody and along these lines filling in as a goal worth visiting. Settled on the banks of Saigon River, the spot is flourishing as to-be city filling in as regions significant business center point. One can observe the example of overcoming adversity of the city through its rich cafés, lavish lodgings, various bars and clubs and showrooms selling premium products. The cosmopolitan city is lively, wealthy in nourishment, quick-paced and with a scramble of sentiment showed in French engineering. The city likewise offers a wide scope of vacation spots from notable structures, for example, war-related galleries and exquisite pagodas characterizing their history to wonderful shopping centers.

Hoi An: The City With Heritage

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Hoi An is one of the oldest cities located all over Asia. This city was once a popular port and now is known to attract thousands of tourists worldwide. Hoi An is a popular heritage site which is located in the country of Vietnam. This city which is considered to be established in the 15th century consists of some beautifully designed buildings as well as flaunts a great architecture. Being to this place you would see a mixture of numerous customs as well as numerous traditions which are the key part of its history. This place doesn’t have any airport or any rail network and the only way to reach here is through a taxi or cab service. However, this is one of the most beautiful as well as the most pleasant locations you would ever find.

Hue: City of Emperors

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Hue, once the capital of Vietnam, is one of the oldest cities in the history of Vietnam. While it suffered a lot during the American war, but the city, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the best to see Vietnam’s glorious past. Although not completely surrounded by the rivers this city in Vietnam does sure contain some wonderful beaches. Hue is known to be the city of emperors and there are numerous monuments which were built by the rulers of the Nguyen dynasty. However most of these monuments were destroyed during the American war and what you see today are merely the remains of those times. This place is known for its famous perfume river and would surely not disappoint anyone who is into a bit of history.

Da Nang: The City of Bridges and Beaches

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Da Nang sits prettily on the east coast of Vietnam, right between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Popularly known as the tourist capital of South-Central Vietnam, Da Nang is truly stunning – filled with beaches, museums, evolving nightlife and world-class infrastructure. On the coast of the South China Sea, with the Han River flowing through its midst, Da Nang is beautified by multiple bridges. The most striking among them is, of course, the Golden Bridge beautified by a sculpture of two giant hands holding it up. Once a laidback city by the backwaters, Da Nang is now rapidly metamorphosing into a city of the future with many educational and business hubs at the center of its charm. Laidback beaches, vibrant nightlife, and sunny riverfronts – That’s Da Nang for you!

Vietnam is an incredible destination where you can spend weeks or even months. Now that you have a fair idea about the must-see places in Vietnam, it is time to pack your bags and plan your holiday to Vietnam right away with Jetsave India. Wait no more and convince your family or friends for this holiday and do not forget to include all these places to visit in Vietnam in your itinerary by Jetsave India. Click selfies, soak yourself in the sun, and gather all the memories. If you know some more beautiful places to visit in Vietnam, feel free to share in the comment section!

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