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20 Amazing Things to Do in London!


Attracting around twenty-seven million tourists on a yearly basis, London is one of the most popular vacationing destinations. London was founded by the Romans, and the city has thrived and flourished into a grand city over the centuries. In the following list below, we have curated the top twenty things to do and places to see in London during your exciting English vacation! Check out the following things to do:

1. Hyde Park

Hyde park- london

Take a stroll in one of the most famous parks in the entire world. It also happens to be the largest park in London. The popular Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park gets constantly populated by performance artists, debaters and protests each week. A must visit while in the city of London! 

2. Westminster: political hub of London

westminister- london

The spot is considered as the political hub of London and is home to the Houses of Parliament. This is also the place where one can take a look at the iconic Big Ben, which is the name of the bell located within the famous clock tower.

3. Camden: a vibrant cultural hub

Make sure to take a look around Camden, a vibrant cultural hub located at Northern London. Dotted with punks, rockabillies, goths and tourists alike, the place certainly is the ultimate potpourri of diverse cultures and tastes.

4. London Eye

london eye

One of the most popular symbols of London, the trip simply isn’t complete without experiencing the amazing London Eye. The giant ferry wheel offers its visitors some of the most incredible views of the city of London.

5. Soho: best nightlife

Dotted with some of the best of London’s nightlife and sex shops, Soho is the place which must be visited after the sun has set. The place also has a bunch of music shops, cafes and bakeries which one can go ahead and explore. 

6. Shoreditch

One of the trendiest spots in London, this place is one of the most popular spots for experiencing the best of London’s nightlife. Packed with incredible eateries and bars, Shoreditch is equivalent to a night packed with endless fun. 

7. Hampstead Heath: for leisurely stroll in London

place to visit in london

One of the largest parks in London, Hampstead Heath is a great place to visit to take a leisurely stroll. The spot offers some of the finest views of the city from Parliament Hill. Grassy fields and beautiful ponds, Hampstead Heath is a beautiful park to take a look around. 

8. BFI

BFI in london

If you are a lover of films and movies, the BFI or the British Film Institute is the place for you to certainly take a look around. Every single day, the BFI screens a movie which may range from major blockbusters to all-time classics.

9. Thames Cruise

the most famous thames cruise in london

The Thames is what brought life and industry into London. It happens to be England’s longest river. Make sure to take a leisurely stroll along this beautiful river. The other experience which you should go for is to have a cruise over this iconic river. 

10. Baker Street– London

bakers street a place to visit in london

Any fan of Sherlock will recognize this name in an instant! Baker Street is home to the functional character of Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective who is a creation of the veteran author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

11. Brixton Academy

For those who love live music, Brixton Academy is the place to visit. Originally, a spot meant to be a theatre, today Brixton Academy has turned into one of the most popular places where some of the biggest rock and pop concerts are hosted. 

12. O2– London

o2 in london

Yet another of one of the world’s most popular and biggest venues which have hosted some of the world’s largest performances, O2 is a phenomenal venue to take a look at. Climb on top of the venue from where you can get some of the most incredible views of London. 

13. Brick Lane

The spot is the hub of the Bangladeshi community of London. Originally made famous by a book and film by the same title, Brick Lane is one of the most fascinating and diverse neighbourhoods of London.

14. Chinatown-London

chinatown in london

Located around Gerrard Street, Chinatown is sandwiched in between Soho and Leicester. This vibrant neighbourhood is your portal to tasting some of the most authentic and delicious food from the world of Chinese cuisine. 

15. Electric Avenue

A street located in Brixton, Electric Avenue was the first market street of London to be lit up by electricity. This ancient market is today known for being a diverse market consisting of some of the most eclectic and diverse food items. 

16. Piccadilly Circus

A spot which can be recognized almost instantly, Piccadilly Circus is a place filled with large screens and bright lights. The spot has existed in London since the seventeenth century and used to be one of the most vibrant commercial hubs of the city. 

17. Oxford Street

Europe’s busiest shopping spot, Oxford Street is the place to go in order to get all of your shopping cravings fulfilled. During the eve of Christmas, the place comes to life in the evening with being illuminated beautifully in a festive style. 

18. Leicester Square

The spot is incredibly famous for hosting the film premieres to some of the world’s largest blockbusters. Surrounded by a number of theatres and some of the city’s largest screens, the place is a hotspot for movies and blockbusters. 

19. Galleries

If one happens to be an art aficionado, London is an amazing place to be at. The incredible National Gallery houses work by legendary artists. Examples of work by Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Turner and Rembrandt are on display. 

20. Harrods

One of the most famous department stores of London, Harrods is a name known all over the globe. The spot is an iconic one and was initially opened in the year of 1824. Patrons include names such as Oscar Wilde, Laurence Oliver and The Royal Family. 

There you have it! London is an incredible spot to visit and this list should work as a great starting guide to figure out your itinerary in this incredible city. Enjoy your trip!

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