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11 Things You Never Knew About Delhi: Hello Delites!

Delhi HD Photo Night
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Delhi; it’s not simply a state, it’s a universe of its own. Folks don’t seem to be wrong after they say that. Delhi isn’t simply a city, it’s an expertise.

It serves as being the foremost widespread traveler destinations in the Republic of India.

From the diplomatic and officialdom enclaves, to the olden markets that refuse to lose their edge; from abundant parks to slender lanes; from being a foodies paradise to a fashion designer’s dream; from harbouring ancient relics to showing off its grand new malls – there’s virtually nothing that the capital of India doesn’t provide you with.

Dilli really is that the town of enormous hearted, as they are saying “Dilli hai dilwalon ki”. The many facts regarding Delhi not only stem from its sizable amount of ancient and historical artifacts however conjointly since it’s home to any or all the 3 branches of state of the Republic of India. Delhi is loved by the tourists as well as its inhabitants for it’s a city of the wise and therefore the spice!

So, park yourself in one of Delhi hotels and prepare to be
astounded by these 11 fun facts!


Delhi Has Strange Museums

Delhi Strange Museums
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Sanitation is clearly on everyone’s mind here as Delhi has the only International Toilet Museum in India. It is kinda weird but it’s true it has an International Museum of Toilets. The museum’s name is, “Sulabh International Museum of Toilets”. 


Capital of India

Parliament House Of India
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In 1912, the capital of India shifted from Calcutta to Delhi.


Has the largest fruit and vegetable market in Asia: Azadpur

azadpur mandi in delhi
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The wholesale market which is present at Azadpur is Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable market named as Azadpur Mandi. It has earned the tag for Asia’s largest wholesale market for fruits and vegetables.


Lotus Temple is the only Bahai Temple of
Worship in Asia

lotus temple of delhi
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Lotus Temple is among the eight Baha’i temples around the world and is the only architecture of Baha’i faith in entire Asia. Like all Baha’i houses of worship, the Lotus temple is open to all religions people. 


Delhi offers the world the fifth most expensive office spaces

Delhi Connaught place view
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Connaught Place in New Delhi is dubbed as the world’s 5th most expensive office hotspot after London, Hong Kong (Central), Beijing (Finance Street) and Beijing (CBD). One will really have to search and bargain to get even the smallest office space here. 


Delhi was once bound by 14 gates

Delhi gates
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Delhi was surrounded by 14 gates initially out of which only five still stand. The Kashmere Gate, Ajmeri Gate, Lahori Gate, Delhi Gate, Dilli Darwaza, and the Turkman Gate. All these gates protected the entry and exit of people in Delhi 


Delhi hosted the most expensive host of Commonwealth Games to date

commonwealth games in delhi
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The 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi is the most expensive which hasn’t beaten by any country yet.


Humayun’s Tomb is the inspiration behind the iconic Taj Mahal

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Humayun’s Tomb is located in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi, is the inspiration behind many architectural innovations including the construction of the Taj Mahal. You can find more than 100 tombs within the entire complex of Humayun’s Tomb.


Second most bird-rich capital in the world

delhi birds view
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Delhi is the second most bird-rich capital city in the world after Nairobi, Kenya. The ridge for administrative reasons is divided into four separate zones such as the Old Delhi or Northern ridge, the New Delhi or Central ridge, the Mehrauli or South Central ridge and the Tuglaqabad or Southern ridge.


Delhi metro platforms are made user-friendly
for blind people

Delhi Metro Safe For Blind People
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The Delhi Metro is the 12th largest metro system in terms of both lengths and numbers of stations. You must have noticed the yellow tiled tracks inside the metro stations and on the platforms. These tiles lead to the front of coach doors, straight to the lift and to the exit, which helps blind people to find their path. 


Dilli Abhi Door Hai (Delhi is still far away)

Muhammad Bin Tughlaq
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This is the most famous quote used by Indians for Delhi and there is an interesting story behind it. It is said that the ruler of Delhi Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlaq was the envy of great Sufi saint Hazrat Nizamuddin and when Tughlaq was returning to the capital from Deva Giri, he sent a message to Hazrat Nizamuddin suggesting him to leave Delhi before his arrival. After receiving the message, Nizamuddin said to his disciple; just write on the letter; “Hunooz Dilli Door Ast” in Persian and it means “Delhi is still far away”

With being the capital of the country, these facts about Delhi bring out many mysterious reasons to explore the city! Do pass on these facts across your friends and family and surprise them as well!

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