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12 People You Will Definitely Meet In Metro

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If you are a frequent traveler of Delhi metro, people you should deserve a medal for getting through all the bad Karma humanity has drawn upon itself. 

We are not calling trains evil, but the multitude of variations of the people you meet can sometimes make you strengthen your faith in the idea of an apocalypse. The metros are stuffed with people. Metaphorically and literally! A simple ride from Rajiv Chowk, your Google research will tell you what not to carry in your sling bag, the time to avoid and what platforms to stay on. But if you overlook the tiny detail that to reach Lajpat Nagar you have to change trains, you are screwed.

Here are the kinds of people you meet in the Metro trains:


Sleeping Beauties

Sleeping in metro
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These people don’t care about anything. You will find them sleeping at all times. Snoring their asses off like it is their holy adobe. You are sure to find them in each metro ride you have.


Serial Texters

Texting in metro
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Oh, forget people, forget stations, just forget everything, their entire world revolves around their phone. They are just busy exercising their fingers and sending messages around the globe. They don’t care if you feel uncomfortable because of their bag or any other belonging. They are just busy, busy texting.


The Hangers

hanging on the metro
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They are Jackie Chan fans! They take their ancestors, monkeys wayy too seriously. All they will do is hang around in the metro. They make sure to find their own space somehow in a crowded metro. 


The Pushovers

Metro in peak hours
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We understand that getting in the metro is hard, okay really hard and you got to push a little to make your way. But these people take pushing way too seriously. Metro travelers relate! NO explanations needed. The Loud Speakers


The Loud Speakers

Talking loud on the phone in metro
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Some people do not understand the meaning of public property. They do not understand that it is public property and you just cannot speak at the top of your voices. They will do all the giggling and fighting loud so that everyone can judge them.


The creepy observers

younger tv creepy
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Oh, lord these people. They stick their eyes on your phone. They stick like a parasite they are the Delhi aunties who want to know everything that is happening in your life. No privacy people!!


The Fashionistas

Weird Clothes in Metro
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They are not walking in a metro. They are walking on a runway. We understand that you have to go a certain high profile places but being decked up crazy and traveling in public property isn’t what you should do. You will have zillions of eyes rolling on you.


The Ghutka Eating Uncle

The Rock spitting
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He has his mouth filled gochi (sacred games people related) and uncle is actively looking for a place to spit the holy poison out. Uncle this is a metro, not a footpath.


The Floor Sitter

Sitting on the metro
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Ummm, No seat available no problem. I have the entire floor to me. I don’t care if I am in your way of walking. You watch your steps cause I won’t get up.


The Gate Keeper

Person near the gates of metro gif
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DMRC Guys have hired them. They are the guardian angels of us.


The Bhukkad

eating gif
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Eating and Drinking in the Delhi metro is a punishable office” This is one statement that people don’t get clearly

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