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Spiritual Travel: Turning Travel into an Opportunity for Growth

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“It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.”
– Germany Kent

The world and our lives can surge past us at remarkable speeds. We try hard to discover time to read, meditate, pray, and learn but it seems hard to carve out time for these important spiritual practices as the demands from day to day life keep propelling us forward.

When was the last time you were able to sit in peace and feel associated with the universe? To unwind without the interrupting pings of electronic notifications and a steady pull of duties and responsibilities? It seems as if just sometime down the road when the truth of death is progressively present do people understand that maybe they should quit living YOLO lives and search for a deeper meaning of life.
Yet the questions of our faith gnaw at us in ways indescribable, causing a silent, nearly invisible pattern. During the time and age of soulless materialism and endless consumption, setting aside time for yourself and embarking on a spiritual journey can give you back that feeling of connectedness and harmony.

The most important experience of all is simply the path to self- realization and the disclosure of our divine nature. To be upbeat and happy in life we must be happy inside. It’s this internal joy and learning to develop the truth of who we truly are, is uncovered to us on a spiritual retreat. These sacred adventures and journeys bolster us by developing a situation of unconditional love, unencumbered by the judgment and illusions of our society.

By setting out on a spiritual journey, you can find who you genuinely are. A spiritual journey is a very individual and intimate quest to deliberately and consciously deepen and develop your knowledge about life and its existence. A few people choose to go on a spiritual journey in order to pose themselves profound questions about their life. The journey can, for instance, help them better to understand and comprehend their purpose in life. Others look to intensively study the idea of the real world or wish to develop their understanding of God.

Whatever it is, a spiritual journey can incredibly help you with being more content with yourself and with the world. It can be an amazing opportunity to relinquish the past and to quit stressing over what’s to come. You can also use the spiritual quest to straighten things out with yourself and the world. A spiritual journey will help you find probably the most sacrosanct spots that this wonderfully beautiful earth brings to the table which can aid you in reconnecting with your internal self and give you all the peace the world has to offer.

A spiritual journey is a journey past your comfort zone, to seek the greater knowledge of patience and persistence, find a profound sense of peace, satisfaction, joy, and appreciation. Somehow, you will grow and learn, and that is truly what travel is about.

The magic of spiritual experiences involves the opportunity to enter a dream of peace and unconditional love so you can envision how life can be when you are living from infinite consciousness. Read on to discover more benefits of spiritual travel.

1.Everything is Being put in Perspective

By submerging yourself in a different environment with different people, having different mindset, you will be able to think with a whole new perspective. Spiritual travel will give you a perspective to think if it is ethically and morally right to put yourself into a debate for a major-brand bag or to buy the latest technical gadget, considering the fact that the same amount of money can feed an entire family for a year in the spiritual country you’re visiting?

2. You partake in a Lot of New Experiences and Charge Your Mental Batteries

When you go for a spiritual journey you’ll have a lot more interesting encounters than during your daily run to the supermarket! All of it will help you keep an open mind. While being away from your daily monotonous lives, you will have the chance to drop a lot of tasks that occupy you at home. This will give you new energy which will provide you with a fresh start.

3. Embrace Yourself

Spiritual tourism is a chance to devote a period of time entirely to yourself. Visiting a place of sacrosanct significance can bring you closer to your very own convictions and enables you to have a greater understanding of what it is you believe. Concentrating on yourself is something that can be troublesome amid your daily life, so going on vacation and committing it can give you the opportunity to grasp yourself completely.

A word of advice, if you are planning to take an adventure of the spiritual variety, ‘Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert’ is inspiring and will set you up for your own experience.

4. Engage Your faith

Exploring the world on a spiritual journey can give you a firm and tangible belief in your faith as you have created experiences and memories of the spiritual experience. Travelling in search of a more engaged faith also gives you a story to share and inspire others with; ignite a pilgrimage of your very own! A spiritual trip will not only revive your faith and fill you with peace of some kind as questions you have answered; it will also give you a great story to tell.

5. Gratitude

It is really easy to get jaded and burnt out while on the road. But the important thing, and the hard thing is to be grateful for all of it. Just think, there are thousands of other people across the world who would love to be in your place! The easy part is that spiritual travel can actually help you feel more grateful.

  1. While travelling and also in your daily life, keep a gratitude journal and keep on listing every day the things you are grateful for.
  2. Take one picture a day of something you are grateful, which you can revisit later.
  3. Take a moment to be grateful before you eat.
  4. Start practicing gratitude, and watch the world transform around you.

Over the span of an individual’s life, there will be numerous calls to set out on a spiritual journey. These invitations to take action may come as extraordinary encounters, dreams or inspiring discussions that we have. Sadly, a great number of people disregard these calls. They refuse to embark on a spiritual journey because they are afraid where it may lead them. As a result, they continue carrying on with their life as they generally did and deny the expanding urgency of the call.

Rather than fleeing from your call, endeavor to grasp it. Look for the mission and reason for your life. Plan your spiritual journey with Sumeru Holidays which falls under The Art of Living umbrella. It is a one-stop solution to all travel related problems that help you fulfill your travel dreams.

Learn the art of happy living with Sumeru Holidays today!

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