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Whom to give credit for Mission Shakti? Modi Government or Scientists?

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India successfully tests an Anti-satellite missile system A-SAT which destroyed a satellite on low orbit. The satellite moving at the speed of 8000m/s was brought down in 3 minutes.

As the countdown clock hits 0, at 16 minutes past 11am, a ballistic missile was launched to bring down a low earth orbiting satellite at a distance of 300km space. 180 seconds after the launch, India entered the elite club, becoming the fourth country in the world, to bring down a satellite. So far, only the United States, Russia and China have fired a missile to destroy a satellite in space. The big announcement was made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself after keeping the world busy for over 30 minutes.

The extremely complex test required a very high degree of precision and technical capabilities and India has been able to demonstrate the world our capabilities to not only interdict the hostile satellite in outer space but also to destroy it using completely endigenistic technology.

When asked about to comment on Mission Shakti, he said, “It is a great achievement in the form of technology, and we have demonstrated India’s potential that how different institutions work together and achieve a technological goal.”

The ballistic satellite brought down an India sprint satellite and met all the parameters laid down for the test. The debere of the low earth satellite will be destroyed in the next 3 weeks as it enters earth’s orbit.

ON this Arun Jaitley, Union Finance minister said, “tomorrow’s war will not be same as yesterday’s. We have to be ready for them. We are in geopolitical situation in which our preparation is going well.”

The option to carry out such test by India was also there in 2012, but, the government of the day did not do so. Today by carrying out this test, India has sent a strong message of deterrence to China who carried out a similar exercise in 2007. The significance of these test in now India has a potent capability to safeguard its space mission which has been rapidly growing in the last few years.

After the announcement of success was made by the prime Minister Modi, a big political fight erupted over this missile test between Bharatiya Janata Patrty (BJP) chief Amit Shah and Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.  The opposition said that the government violated the election code of conduct and accused the Prime Minister of firing off form the shoulders of our scientists.

The BJP and the Congress entering into a fierce war of words, the congress is even seen claiming the credits for the Nehruvian legacy.

The congress claims that the satellite was developed during the UPA regime and the ISRO and DRDO were created by Jawahar Lal Nehru’s vision.

Here is how the story began with a tweet from Prime Minister Modi:

The telecast was delayed by over 40minutes further delaying the suspense.

Shortly before 12:23pm Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally announced to the world, India’s capability to destroy enemy satellite in orbit with an anti-satellite missile.

The declaration opened the gates for political sniping. The Congress government called Mission Shakti a UPA era project. Part chief Rahul Gandhi congratulated the scientists and in the same tweet war shot PM Modi by wishing him a happy world theater day.

Replying to this Tweet of Rahul Gandhi, Amit Shah tweeted,

Randeep Surjewala, Congress spokesperson further added by saying, “why is prime minister credit seeking for the achievements of the scientists? This weapon and this particular achievement was conceived in 2010 and was actually implemented in 2012.”

The case was moved to the election commission calling Modi’s address a violation of the modal code of conduct.

On the Arun Jaitley slams the opposition by saying, “opposition not backing scientists”, “Opposition pointing out clerical objections.” “UPA Govt delayed project.”

Amit Shah also hits back at Rahul Gandhi for ridiculing the achievements of the scientists, saying all that the “dynasty” has done is to plunder, weaken and ruin the nation.

Modi was seen being extremely happy by having a success. It was seen from the series of his tweets.

Modi along with Amit Shah gave all the credits to the Indian Scientists.

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