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US Intelligence Chief to Exit Donald Trump’s Government

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Having odds with the President of the United States can cause deleterious effects on your official career.  US Intelligence Chief, Dan Coats, will leave office next month on August 15.

Coats, who used to shun confrontation with Trump during his tenure as the Director of National Intelligence, is the recent high-designation exit from Trump’s administration.

Donald Trump has tweeted that Coats will officially leave on August 15, indicating that he plans to nominate representative John Ratcliffe of Texas, who is recently serving the House intelligence, judiciary, and homeland security committees. John will replace Dan Coats on August 15.

Trump thanked Coats for his respectable service to the country and he also wrote that the former U.S. Attorney, John will lead the US intelligence department and inspire eminence for the Country he loves.

Coats has stood against Trump’s decisions several times. Russian election meddling was the incident where Coats did not have an eye-to-eye contact with Trump. The intel chief also disagreed with the President for having 2 hours closed-doors conversation with the President of Russia.

Another point of disagreement was when Trump was attempting to get North Korea to surrender its nuclear arsenal through a conversation with Pyongyang’s leader Kim Jong Un. During this event, Coats added, “We continue to assess that North Korea is unlikely to give up all of its nuclear weapons and production capabilities, even as it seeks to work out on partial denuclearization steps to obtain key US and international concessions” in the annual Worldwide Threat Assessment.

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The agenda behind nominating Ratcliffe for the position of the director of National Intelligence is the amalgamation of thoughts/perspective that Trump and Ratcliffe possess. John has been a stalwart in Trump’s administration and has been supporting Trump’s initiatives and decisions. 

The choice of Ratcliffe has been supported by several key congressmen, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarhy. Kevin has recently tweeted, that Ratcliffe will bring greatness and accountability in his new role.

Many incredible officials and top diplomats such as Jim Mattis (Defence Secretary), Kirstjen Nielsen (Homeland Security) and John Kelly (Chief of Staff) of Trump’s administration has left his constitution. Now, Dan Coats officially will be a part of this list on August 15.

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