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Updates on CBSE Class 10th Science Board Exam!


March 13th brings with itself class 10th CBSE Science board exam. It is a compulsory paper and a large number of students from CBSE affiliated schools are expected to take the exam that day. Almost around 19 lakh students took the mathematics exam conduct by CBSE last week on March 7th and it is expected that nearly the same amount of students will take up the science exam. The mathematics exam was said to have the largest participation of the students so far. The science exam paper is said to be the 3rd core paper for the students of class 10th CBSE board.

Students have been explained with the marching scheme of the paper well in advance. They were instructed about the art of answering questions, the weightage for the diagrams in the answers and the point wise marks allotted for each calculation and step. The marking scheme by CBSE was also uploaded on the CBSE website for easy access.

Here is the CBSE Marking Scheme


It is said that the question paper will have 5 sections and will also have internal choices in four of those sections. Only the section which has 1 mark questions will have no internal choice.

The paper will be of 80 marks and 20 marks are for the internal assessment that was done by the school.

The students will have to sum up there answers in 30 words when attempting a 2 marker question and will have to write about 50 words when attempting a 3 marker question. Along with this, there will be a total of 6 questions that will have the heavy weightage of 5 marks each, where the students are expected to sum-up the answer in not less than 70 words.

These 6 questions of 5 marks each are in the paper to assess the practical skills of the students. The question paper will also have 2 and 1 marker questions which can be summed-up in a word or a line.

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