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Unnao Rape Case: accused a politician of rape and now is fighting for her life

unnao rape case

This is not the first time that a young girl from India has accused a powerful politician of rape and then has caused her life in danger. Once the rape is done, it is better for a girl to stay quiet or else she and her family’s life will be in danger. Same happened in the unnao rape case. She was warned, if she wants to live, she should better drop the charges. Soon after her father spoke out about the rape allegations, the politician’s friend in front of the police officials beat him to death.

This Sunday, when the victim, who the authorities said is around 19, was travelling on a rural highway in a car with two aunts and her lawyer when a truck smashed into them. She was the only key witness in the rape case and now is fighting for her life as she is in a very critical condition. Her two aunts, who were accompanying here in the route died on the spot because of the severe accident.

unnao rape case car accident

Women’s rights advocates say that the man accused of rape, Kuldeep Singh Sengar — a state-level politician and member of India’s governing party — is trying to kill the witnesses and that the crash was a deliberate attempt on her life.

Having high power, there are possibilities that the highly publicized rape case might have ordered the death of the victim and this has stunned India. This case has now provoked walkouts in Parliament and becomes what many see as a test case for the abuse of power.

Swati Maliwal, the chairperson of the Delhi Commission for Women said, “This girl made 33 complaints in the past one year to authorities, but no action was taken against anybody. In our country, a girl is raped by a man once and then the entire system is raping her.”

State police officers are making a statement by saying that the accident was not planned by the politician and has just been caused by the truck “over-speeding,” but the Central Bureau of Investigation said on Wednesday that it was opening a homicide investigation and named Mr Sengar, the truck driver and more than 20 others as suspects.

Kuldeep Sengar was already suspended from party because of unnao rape case

Mr Sengar has been in jail since April 2018, when the federal authorities arrested him on suspicion of rape and kidnapping. He has denied the charges. On the other hand, the women and her family stated the authorities that Mr Sengar’s allies had threatened them many times before the accident. In one police complaint, an uncle of the young woman said that the family was explicitly warned: “Compromise with M.L.A. Kuldeep Singh Sengar, otherwise you all will be killed in one way or the other.”

Ever since there have been multiple speculations and controversies around the unnao rape case. The young woman’s family said they had written to India’s chief justice, Ranjan Gogoi, several weeks ago detailing the threats to her life, but Justice Gogoi said Wednesday that he had not seen the letter.

The case began in June 2017, when the young woman was invited to Mr Sengar’s house in Unnao, a midsize town near the Ganges River, on the pretext of interviewing for a job, family members said. She said that Mr Sengar had locked her in a room and raped her.

After she was raped, “he wiped my tears and told me that he would get me a good job. When I told him I would file a complaint, he threatened to kill my father and 4-year-old brother.”

The police refused to allow her to pursue a case against Mr Sengar, who has switched political parties several times, most recently joining the Bharatiya Janata Party, the party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Sengar family are considered to be one of the most prosperous and politically influential in Unnao.

The young woman grew so despondent that she marched to the house of Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of her state, Uttar Pradesh, and threatened to set herself on fire.

unnao rape case Delhi protest

Now the Supreme Court has said it will transfer all cases related to the Unnao rape case out of Uttar Pradesh. The court has also asked the Solicitor General to take up the Unnao issue with the director of CBI.

The hearing in the Unnao case will resume at 12 noon and the CBI official investigating the case has been summoned to the court for the hearing.

The court has asked for the status of the investigation into the Unnao case and the investigation into the car accident.

The court is hearing the matter of the letter the Unnao rape victim’s family had written to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on July 17, weeks before the accident on July 28, alleging threats to their lives.

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