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Trump Says He Does Not Want To Talk To Jinping Right Now

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The USA President, Donald Trump has said that he does not want to talk to the chinese president, Xi Jinping, amidst the pandemic. He has called the novel coronavirus “The Chinese Virus” many times in his interviews. He is not happy with the way chinese president dealt with the coronavirus outbreak in China that has now spread across the world and has killed more than 4.5 people. 

As per the trade deal settled between the two countries, China began to buy more American goods as compared to the gone years. When the reporters asked Trump about the deal, he outrightly said, “Just don’t want to talk to him right now. We will see what happens over the next little while”

He also added that China is spending a lot on the trade deal but yet I don’t know somehow I lost a little flavour for it. Trump did not talk about the trade deal as according to him ink had become dry when this virus came from China. Also, he said that the US economy would not be thrilled if something wrong happens to the deal. 

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He indicates his displeasure regarding COVID-19 and said that this should have never happened. China being a strong country could have taken preventive measures when this virus began to spread. 186 countries are impacted by this virus and the reason behind all countries’ economic outbreak is Coronavirus. Russia and France are badly affected. He also said that “infected” or “affected”, same thing now and you may put it in either way. 

The White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, told reporters that President Trump is highly irritated with China. 

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She also said that she completely left all of this to Trump’s hands as he is the one who needs to decide whether to talk to Jinping at this time or not. If he does not want to, he has his own valid reasons. She said, “It was important for the world to know the aspect or grassroots of the disease, but the information flow was very slow”

After doing multiple rounds of testing, the world got to know that the virus came from China and the information was not shared beforehand. This slow flow of information is really unacceptable. Hence, Donald Trump is frustrated at this point, she said to reporters. 

The DoJ (Department of Justice) expanded its rules to protect Huawei from undermining US export controls. Finding a loophole has allowed the company to exploit US technology that has threatened national security. Considering all of this, the US will keep restricting most American exports to Huawei and its subsidiaries & affiliates as this threatens US national security and international stability. 

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Meanwhile the US Secretary of the state also said that “It also imposes US export control restrictions on countries that use US technology or software to design and produce semiconductors for Huawei. Companies wishing to sell certain items to Huawei produced with US technology must now obtain a license from the United States

A few recent tweets by Trump that show his frustration towards China: 



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