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Donald Trump Inflicts Economic Sanctions on Iran

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A few days after Donald Trump approved military strikes against Iran, Trump has levied some economic sanctions against Iran. These sanctions are economic taxes which are commercial & financial penalties that include various forms of trade barriers.

These sanctions are a part of Trump’s strategy to bring Iran on the other side of the bargaining tables for his nuclear ambitions. In simple words a blackmail to strongarm Iran. The key objective of this sanction is to prevent a few top Iranian officials from using any sort of international banking system or international financial vehicles originated from the roots of European nations or other developed countries. But, the matter of the fact is that Iranian officials do not keep their important assets in international banks or any other institutions. Donald Trump as the President of the United States must be in possession of these facts. Therefore, the pressure for economic taxes won’t have too much of an influence on Iran’s Economy. 

Addressing the Oval Office, Donal Trump said these new sanctions would lock Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is an eminent leader of Iran, out of the international financial system. The Treasury Department reportedly admitted that the sanctions were imposed on eight Iranian military commanders, including their Chief in general. As per Americans, the head of the commanders was responsible for downing the US Drone last week.

They also aim to target Iran’s Foreign Minister through their impositions

“We will continue to increase pressure on Tehran,” Donal Trump said while signing an executive order named “Never can Iran have a nuclear weapon” in his Oval Office.

Many Iranians are dissatisfied with its economy as the inflation rate in Iran has risen to about 50 percent. Some Iranian citizens blame the government of the United States for exploiting their economy. Medicine has become a scarce resource as compared to the demand. Read out the story to know more. Donald Trump wittingly confessed on Monday that he is all set to bargain with Iran.

 “I think Iran, potentially, has a phenomenal future” Mr. Trump said on Monday.

Despite the fact that Iran is a country with grandeur culture, Iranian leaders should end their chase of nuclear and uranium weapons, according to Donald Trump. 

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