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The Pink Duo in Movie ‘Badla’ is all set to compete with ‘Captain Marvel’

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This Friday, two movies hit the theaters, ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Badla’.

The first female superhero, Captain Marvel, and Pink Duo in movie Badla are prepared to charm the audience with their superpowers and revenges.

The Bollywood industry is going gaga over this new Big B release. Everybody is praising this new agog story. Whereas, the Marvel’s fan club on other hand, are amused to see this female hulk who possess superhuman strengths such as power of flight, invulnerability etc.

The suspense thriller Badla, starring Big B and Taapsee Pannu in the lead roles, has received an amazing response from the audience. On first day itself, the movie was able to collect 5 crores. The story of the film rotates around Naina Sethi (Taapsee Pannu)  who is blamed for assassinating a man whom she was in love with, but according to her she is innocent. She goes to Badal Gupta (Amitabh Bachchan), who is the most reputed lawyer and has never lost any case in his entire life. Big B decides to help Taapsee Pannu but the irony is that they have just 3 hours to solve the mystery . Watch the trailer below to know the plot.

The movie is directed by none other than Sujoy Ghosh, who is the dream director of various stars of B-world, and produced by Gauri Khan. Mr. Ghosh has directed many enigmatic movies such as Kahani, Kahani 2, Te3n etc… Badla is based on a 2016 Spanish movie, ‘The invisible guest’.

The other movie, Captain Marvel, has collected 13 crores at the Indian box office. This movie has manifested the fact that ‘A Marvel Movie is a Marvel Movie’, irrespective of the gender. Watch out the trailer below.

It is the first marvel female superhero movie, starring an Oscar-Winning actor, Brie Larson, who is also popular for being a women’s rights activist.
She said in her recent interviews, “I feel so lucky that I made my first blockbuster movie and I just get to talk about feminism all day. I never would have thought that was like a possibility for me. That’s like my dream.” Directed and written by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the movie is filled with feminist dialogues which will stimulate every woman to not be ‘damsel-in-distress’.

All in all, the audience will walk out from the theaters with Goosebumps everywhere on the body after watching these two sensational movies of the year.
Pick any movie and go out and have fun with you family and friends!
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