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The New Guru in Town with Marriage in 17 Minutes

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Sant Rampal, who is known as Jagatpuri Rampal Ji and was convicted for two murders last year, has again come into the spotlight on Social Media. Marriage in 17 minutes is the new campaign that aims to eradicate dowry from the roots of our society. Rampal’s followers claim that Sant Ji has aspired many individuals to capitulate on dowry. They are going insane over the initiatives taken by him and his organization. Take a quick look:

Rampal has proclaimed himself as a direct successor of Sant Kabir after becoming self-styled godman.

“A daughter is not a burden anymore!” However, some parts of our country still have the highest figures for foeticide. India has a strong history of Dowry system and this system still prevails in many parts of the world.

It took many years for women to raise their own voice. From Abala Bose (First Indian Social Worker) to Avani Chaturvedi (First Female Fighter Pilot), women have been evincing their worth to the world.  The government has taken several actions such as Equal Remuneration Act, Sexual Harassment Act etc. to revamp working conditions for women. In addition, many NGOs and corporates are reshaping societies through their activities and societal vision.

Prime problems that women face have been a part of our discussions since ages. Yet, women in the last few years have set themselves as an example and have left their footprints in every single field, from IT to creativity. But the dowry system in our nation still holds the capacity to hamper social and economic growth.

Sant Rampal through his initiative aims to suppress the dowry system in the whole country.

It’s easy to gather disciples/followers by touching any sensitive issue and Anna Hazare 2011 Movement, which had a series of protests against corruption, is a prime example. And dowry being the biggest social malpractice, justified in the name of tradition, is an exceedingly sensitive issue in India.

Is #Marriagein17minutes a publicity stunt by Rampal? Or does he really wish to transform the thoughts of our backward societies? Time will let us know.  

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