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San Francisco becomes the first U.S. city to allow an ordinance of banning vaping product sales

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Use of vaping products such as e-cigarettes among teens has been growing insanely. There is an increase in the number of e-cigarettes’ explosion cases. Recently, a 17-year old teen literally blew his face when he was trying to take a plunge of an e-cigarette.

Doctors took two hours in operating after the e-cigarette burst in his mouth.

Look at his flared-up mouth:
The image (at left) is a 3-D Model of this 17-year old boy. His jawbone got de-shaped and was operated on, thanks to the explosion.

There is a startling increase in the use of vaping pen in the USA. As per FDA (Food and Drug Administration, U.S.A), from 2017 to 2018, use of vaping products among high schoolers has increased from 11.7% to 78%. Now that seems to be turning into an epidemic! The facts don’t just stop here, the same study indicates that middle schoolers have started using vaping products more by 48% in 2018, which was somewhere around 11% in 2017.

Strict actions were required to be taken by the government of the United States in order to prevent kids from the repercussions of using vaping products.

San Francisco is the first city which has passed an ordinance to ban vaping products. The attorney of this city said, “products will be allowed to be sold in the city again if they receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA oversees e-cigarettes, but will not require vape companies to submit for approval until 2022”

Now, the city is waiting to get the ordinance signed by the Mayor who has 10 days to scrutinize the ordinance. The primary reason of this legislation is to lessen the use of vaping products among the teenagers.

These preventive measures are highly required as the teen-age is the age that shapes up the thought process of children. Getting addicted to nicotine at this age will not only influence their growth, it will also have an economic impact as they are future of the United States.

This ban will significantly impact the manufacturers of vaping products. As per these manufacturers/companies, the rationale behind an e-cigarette is to reduce the addiction of smoking. However, considering the statistics, more teens have become nicotine addicted. If the ordinance gets passed by the United States’ government, many vaping products’ companies will lose their position in the market.

E-Cigarettes have not been tested and approved by the FDA.

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