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Samsung finally announced the launch of Galaxy Fold

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One of the top leading mobile brands Samsung has finally confirmed today that it has made all the required changes to protect the Galaxy Fold’s screen and they will begin selling the folding phone soon in the market.

The April launch of the Galaxy Fold was postponed after early reviewers reported broken screens.

“Samsung has taken the time to fully evaluate the product design, make necessary improvements and run rigorous tests.

Samsung Fold Phone
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Four months after the company delayed the retail launch of the phone, Samsung now says the Galaxy Fold will be available for purchase at an unspecified date in September. Samsung also shared the expected price will be the same as before: $1,980.

Changes such as extending a guarding layer to make it clear that is not meant to be removed, as well as adding the link area with new protection caps have been incorporated in the new Samsung mobile phone.

Extending the “protective layer” is perhaps the most notable thing they could have done, as many critics thought it was a screen guard and tried to strip it off, resulting in cracking the screen. The “additional support” to protect against “external particles” is likely to prevent the issue we felt on our review unit — we suspect debris got in through the hinge and damaged the screen from the back. 

The error with the design was a source of humiliation for Samsung which decreased Samsung smartphone sales due to which it faced growing rival from the competition including China’s Huawei.

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It is not a sure thing that Samsung would really follow through on its promise to fix and release the Fold, because the same announcement was made in the early month of this financial year but Samsung failed to keep the promise as there were many flaws in Fold. But its the second that they have confirmed the launching month of the device, Now the pressure is on the company to deliver a reliable device. 

We hope that Samsung can fulfill the expectations with no other changes and flaws in the product.

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