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Rajya Sabha Triple Talaq battle Continues as Secular Alliance Droops: Ideological Dilemma for Congress

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Once again, the opposition party has exhibited the signs of wilting when the continuous bill to amend the RTI Act was passed in which anti-BJP camp (or the opposition party) had the upper hand in the last five years. 

The Triple Talaq legislation was being hoisted by Congress and other parties such as TRS, TDP, NCP, SP, and BSP. These regional parties collaborated with Congress and have been working on Triple Talaq for over two years now. “Secular Bolt” is an interchangeable terminology with anti-BJP politics. 

INC did not leave any opportunity to put allegations on the Modi Government. In 2014, when Modi and the ruling party were dreaming for a better India, it was congress which regarded BJP and its saffron camp as an unworthy party for its “appeasement” slur.

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It was during this phase only when Rahul Gandhi ideated “temple run” and the Supreme Court outlawed Triple Talaq because, at that time, INC wanted to have a safe and secure exit in this regard. 

Despite the government’s innumerable concessions, INC pointed out the “criminalization” clause in the bill. 

One fact is evinced that the parties such as BSP and SP do not mind siding up with the powerful opposition. Their support is the political attire that they wear all the time. These parties are all ready to restore their situation post-2019 and are willing to compromise. 

The senior leader of INC has reportedly accepted that it is the demand of political pragmatism that its hard for congress and congressmen to drop its “always against stand” on issues like lynching, minority, interests, human values. But, if we do it, then there would be no difference between the BJP and the Congress. 

Opposition’s standpoint is significant as it is an essential weapon for battle. The key opposition, INC, is against the constant Hindutva Machine hoisted by BJP. However, if INC did not move on from its ideological politics, it won’t be able to inflame the process of polarization. 

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