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PM Modi’s New Motto “Vocal For Local”

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After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address to the nation on Coronavirus Lockdown and Vocal For Local Mantra, Amit Shah announced that all Central Armed Police Officers’ canteens will now sell indigenous products starting June 1. 

This two-fold move led many people to ask on social media whether the PM’s motive meant to promote only Indian companies and their products. The party, BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), came out with a clarification yesterday. 

The party clarified that local does not mean products made my Indian companies only, but it also includes those products that are manufactured by MNCs in Indian boundaries. The party iterated that it is not going to make any distinction among them. 

BJP spokesperson and Rajya Sabha MP, Narsimha Rao also made it clear that the party will not release any directive to buy local products. He also added that many people might start purchasing good quality products made in India. 

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Anything that is manufactured in India or made by Indian companies is local. 

Rao also told the news agency that “Anything made locally, we won’t make a distinction; there is not going to be any directive, you buy this or buy that, there is no directive. This will all be individual decisions”.

India has exhibited its potential to be self-reliant to manufacture products like N95 Masks, Medicines, and PPEs that were needed to fight against coronavirus. These products have been helping other countries during these unprecedented times as well. 

The business leaders are loving this new mantra of building self-reliant India as it would help them become a credible global force that reaches out to the world. It also emanated a lot of strength. ASSOCHAM Secretary General Mr. Deepak Sood added that “The Make In India flagship would be a key catalyst for new investment, be it local or global,” he says, while FICCI president Sangita Reddy adds, “Fully support the PM’s dream of a self-dependent India and ensure all measures to make this a reality

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