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ONOC: One Card with 5 Benefits

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Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has launched “one-of-its-kind” card on Monday which allows people to pay several kinds of transport charges such as bus, metro, parking, and toll-tax, etc. and serves many other benefits.  The One Nation One Card (ONOC) was launched during the foundation of the first phase of Ahmedabad’s Metro.

With the advent of new technology, Modi government has attempted to merge Debit/Credit card with the mobility card.

Here are the 5 utilities/benefits that this card provides to the holders. A made in India card, which

1.From bus to metro, this card can be used for making payments across all public transportation modes in the country.

2. All “cash” related troubles at the toll tax and the parking counters will be solved by the implementation of this card.  

3. ONOC will be available in more than 25 banks (Including State Bank of India).

4. This card serves all the characteristics of RuPay debit/credit card. The money can also be withdrawn by using ONOC.

5. These days, the millennial and the Gen-Y are crazy about cash backs. The ONOC proffers miscellaneous cash-backs and offers too.

The card entails many amenities, undoubtedly! However, the implementation of Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) will be a challenging task for the government as most of the AFC systems are from foreign markets.

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