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Lockdown 4.0 – 15 New Rules

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On May 12, the prime minister Narendra Modi showed some signs to open up economic activities during lockdown’s phase 4. The Centre on Sunday has already announced the extension of nationwide lockdown by another two weeks till May 31. In this phase, buses and cabs can operate, however, inter-state movement of traffic has to be decided by the states. Metro services and air travel remain prohibited as many states were against of making these activities operational during Lockdown 4.0

Home Ministry guidelines say that all other activities will be allowed except those that are particularly prohibited by the center. This means that e-commerce platforms can deliver their products outside containment zones just like any other service or shop. Both the governments, Centre and State, formed a mutual consent on this.

In the third phase, non-essential items were allowed to be delivered in green and orange zones. And, no delivery was allowed in containment areas. But, in the fourth phase, essential as well as non-essential commodities by e-commerce companies will be allowed in the containment zones too. 

Ajay Bhalla, who is the Home Secretary, has suggested that the states can demarcate containment and buffer zones based on the health ministry’s multi-factor parameters. 

Here are 15 new rules of Lockdown 4.0

1. Sports Complex and stadia will be allowed to open but only for sports activities. However, audiences will not be allowed in such complexes. 

2. A nationwide night curfew from 7 PM to 7 AM will be continued. 

3. No state is bound to stop doctors, nursing staff, and paramedics from crossing the border.

4. There will be “intensive contact tracing”  with “house to house surveillance” in the containment zones. 

5. To ensure best safety measures in corporations, employers will be required to make sure that Aarogya Setu App is installed in every employee’s mobile phones. 

6. The National Directives for COVID-19 Management said that WFH (Work From Home) should be followed to a very large extent. Staggered working hours can be adopted in all offices and establishments, Though, the restriction of 33% workforce in offices has been done with. 

7. Companies should make a provision of thermal scanning, sanitization, and hand wash at all entry-exit points. This practice of sanitization will be followed rigorously in all common/public areas and all other sensitive locations.

8. Social Distancing at offices will also need to be ensured. Adequate gaps and distance between shifts should be done.  

9. Religious and political gatherings will remain closed. Schools, colleges, and malls will also remain shut. 

10. Weddings can not have more than 50 people and funerals can not have more than 20 people.

11. Delivery of non-essential items is allowed in lockdown 4.0.

12. Barber and salon shops will be open. 

14. Wearing a mask is compulsory. Strict actions will be taken if somebody does not adhere to this practice. 

15. People above 65 years, pregnant women and children below 10 are strictly advised to remain at home as these people are more prone to the new virus. 


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