Home NEWS Twitter’s new trend #KhakiTwitter salutes heroes after the #SareeTwitter

Twitter’s new trend #KhakiTwitter salutes heroes after the #SareeTwitter

#KhakiTwitter and #SareeTwitter
Source: twitter.com

Right after celebrating the charm and excellence of the nine yards, Twitter has accompanied another solid trend this time praising the pride of the #Khaki.

Recently when ladies shared pictures of them wearing their loved sarees, another trend just knocked in and overwhelmed the web with #SareeTwitter. Now, presently motivated by it, Police officials are communicating love for their Khaki uniforms and the general population is expressing gratitude toward them for their support to the country.

This trend was kickstarted after Mumbai Police’s official Twitter account took to social media to post an image of a police officer wearing his uniform with utmost swag #khakitwitter.

They posted the image with the inscription, “Khaki has its own charm, doesn’t it? #KhakiTwitter. We would like to shout out to all our police mates across the nation by sharing some #KhakiSwag in a uniform we as whole take pride in wholeheartedly.

After which many police authorities posted pictures of them wearing their uniform and exhibiting their pride in khaki and internet saluted the legends.

Family of police officials also began sharing photos of the individuals from their family working in power or authorities of their zones with the hashtag #khakitwitter

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