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26 Indian Navy Sailors Test Positive For COVID-19

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26 Indian Navy sailors in Mumbai have been tested positive for COVID-19. All the sailors have been quarantined at one of the naval hospitals in the city. These are among the first set of cases being reported in the Indian Navy. Indian Navy is searching for the sailors who might have come in contact with the 26 sailors. The Indian Navy has made it clear that no Navy officer or sailor who is currently onboard or at any warfare, has not been infected. 

All of them reside in the accommodation at INS Angre. INS Angre is a shore-based depot that gives administrative and logistical aid to naval operations. Many of the cases are asymptomatic which means that the cases do not show any symptoms and have been detected to a sailor who was positive for Coronavirus on April 7. 

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Indian Navy conveyed to the media that the entire block had been quarantined, yesterday’s morning. Currently, the Indian Navy is searching for those men or officers who might have spent some time with the 26 Indian Navy sailors. The Naval Dockyard, situated in Mumbai, is home to the sword arm of the Western Naval Command. It includes warships & submarines and lies a few miles away from INS Angre. 

All coronavirus affected sailors are now under the medication and quarantined in INHS Ashwini (a naval hospital in Mumbai). In addition, INS Angre is a popular spot for Naval Barracks that provides several facilities to all units and ships, based at Mumbai. INS Angre, is like a father figure to such naval units, that controls and looks at the functioning of various diverse units and facilities. 

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With more than 3000 cases, Coronavirus has hit Maharashtra the most and Mumbai is factually the worst-affected in the country. There have been almost 8 coronavirus cases in the Indian Army.

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