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India Becomes 4th Worst Hit Nation By Pandemic

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Hours after the centre said that the country is not in the community transmission stage of the pandemic spread, India on Friday became the fourth worst-hit country by coronavirus. 

India has taken the fourth spot in the list of countries worst hit by pandemic. The United Kingdom, which was ranked fourth, has 2,91,588 cases as of now. In terms of corona count, India is below Brazil, Russia, and the United States. Russia has 4.93 laks cases, the United States has more than 20 lakhs, and Brazil has 7.72 lakh cases. 

This rank upgradation came at a time when more than 3,500 cases and 152 deaths were discovered in the last 24 hours in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the worst hit state in India with 97,648 cases. The number of casualties and fatalities have been increasing daily. The number of recovered patients in the country has risen to 46,078. 

The Union Health Ministry data, that was updated today at 8 AM, said that the country saw the highest jump and the nationwide tally is now 2,86,579.

The Director General of the Indian Council For Medical Research (ICMR) said that, “India is not in community transmission and I would like to emphasise it. India is not in community transmission and that’s only a term which is used but we have to continue with the strategy of testing, tracing, tracking, and quarantine and continue with the containment measures as we have found success until now,”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also said, We have to turn COVID-19 crisis into an opportunity for creating Atmanirbhar Bharat.” while speaking at the annual session of the ICC (Indian Chamber of Commerce). 

Here are the few things that has made India 4th worst-hit country

  1. The total number of confirmed cases include foreigners as well. 
  1. Out of the total 8,102 fatalities, Maharashtra tops the corona count with 3,438 deaths followed by Gujarat (1,347), Delhi (984), Madhya Pradesh (427), West Bengal (432), Tamil Nadu (326), Uttar Pradesh (321), Rajasthan (259) and Telangana (156).
  1. The death toll is now 78 in Andhra Pradesh, 69 in Karnataka and 55 in Punjab.
  1.  Jammu and Kashmir has 51 experienced fatalities due to the coronavirus disease, while 52 deaths have been reported
  1. Manipur has 311 COVID-19 cases in total, Nagaland has 128, Puducherry has 127, Ladakh has 115, Mizoram has 93, Arunachal Pradesh has 57, Meghalaya 44 while Andaman and Nicobar Islands has registered 34 infections so far.
  1. Dadar and Nagar Haveli has 26 cases in total, Sikkim has reported 13 cases till now while Daman and Diu has two cases.
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