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Heavy rainfall in Delhi: Red alert today and Orange on Friday

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The monsoon is gaining its vigor in the capital city and the areas surrounded. With IMD issuing red alert on Thursday and orange alert on Friday, the city is expected to have heavy rainfall this week. The meteorological department forecasted moderate rainfall for Wednesday and guess what, the Met Department was on point! The refreshness was restored yesterday in the capital city after the downpour. 21.66 mm of rainfall has been recorded for tomorrow between 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM. 

The year of 2019 has experienced the lowest rainfall as of now. Kuldeep Srivastava, who is a scientist at IMD, has reportedly said that “the spell of rain over the next 48 hours could help Delhi cover this deficit and achieve a surplus” as Delhi till 24 July 2019 has only encountered 167.7 mm against an average of 227.7 mm of rainfall. There has been a 24% season deficit in the rainfall. 

Srivastava also added, “Orange alert remains for NCR and the heaviest spell could be recorded over the next two days. Moderate showers should occur in general, with some parts of the city expected to receive heavy downpour as well. The intensity will be strongest on Thursday, and hence the red alert has been issued. Temperatures should also drop considerably, reducing humidity levels to an extent”

What is ‘heavy rainfall’ and an ‘extremely heavy rainfall’? 

Heavy rainfall is considered when it crosses 64.5 mm whereas, extremely heavy rain is 115.6 mm

Rainfall forecast for today is 33-degree celsius with moderate range. The maximum temperature for Wednesday was 77-degree celsius and the relative humidity was between 56% and 88%. 

Pre actions to maintain cleanliness:

This time, North Delhi Municipal Corporation, has already taken actions to prevent the city from waterlogging. The Municipal Corporation has already alerted its staff to clean water from the roads if there is an emergency. 

Also, with the prediction of a downpour for this week, the National Capital Region Delhi’s Air Quality is also expected to be improved in the next 48 hours. SAFAR, which is a forecasting body, also indicated the same in its reports.

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