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Fugitive Nirav Modi Goes to Jail After the London Court Rejected His Bail Application

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Nirav Modi the diamond trader who spent a night in jail last night will spend nine more nights in jail, he will be in a London jail till the 29th of March after UK court rejected his bail plea.

The Narendra Modi government is already calling it a big win after that bail plea got rejected as the opposition is questioning “who let Nirav Modi out at the first place?”

Fugitive diamond trader, Nirav Modi is in Scotland Yard’s custody. Nirav was arrested from London’s Holburn after Westminster court issued a provisional arrest warrant against him. Scotland yard has confirmed that Nirav was arrest on India’s behalf. Nirav Modi was later presented in the Westminster court the next hearing will be on Monday, March 29th. In a major set-back with the fugitive diamond trader, his application for the bail was rejected and he will remain in the jail till the next hearing which is as per now scheduled for 29th of march.

In the meantime, Indian will be building its case against Nirav Modi in the UK court. In further trouble for Nirav Modi, the court in India has issued a non-bail able warrant Amy Modi, wife of Nirav Modi on request of the enforcement directorate.   

Meanwhile, the politics has broken out with the opposition questioning the timing of Nirav Modi’s arrest just ahead of the general elections.

After Christian Michel’s extradition and favorable court orders against Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi’s arrest has given PM Narendra Modi an advantage over the opposition. PM Modi can now claim that Chowkidar credentials are intact.

The London court rejected his bail appeal saying that, they do not trust that Nirav Modi will not run away or that he would be back for the hearing and therefore he is at flight risk, he has too much to lose and enough to use to run away with. Therefore, he has not granted with the bail and has been remanded in custody till the 29th of March when at 10 am UK time he returns right at the Westminster’s court.

“He has done everything he possibly can to be visible, to demonstrate his keenness to fully cooperate [with UK authorities],” George Hepburne Scott, Modi’s Barrister, told the court in support of his bail application.

All of this coming at the time when the PM Narendra Modi has up the ante to counter Rahul Gandi’s ‘Chowkidar Chor hai’ barb and has given a boost in the team of the Modi government.

The arrest of Nirav Modi could not have come at a better time for PM Modi. Under fierce attacks from the congress president Rahul Gandhi and his comment ‘Chowkidar chor hai’ slogans, PM Modi is trying to rest back the advantage.  

On Wednesday, PM spoke to real time chowkidars through a telecom system. His pitch said that the congress slogans are an insult to all the citizens. PM claimed that each and every citizen is a chowkidar with this charcha with the chowkidar’s, prime minister Modi is setting a new election narrative. “Chowkidar VS Dynasts”

The arrest of Nirav Modi is a good news for PM Modi under who’s what the diamond merchant fled after duping the public sector banks thousands of crores of rupees, but Modi can’t call it a victory till Nirav Modi is brought in India. His arrest certainly gives him enough ammunition to boost his chowkidar image.

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