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Fit India Campaign is all set to commence on National Sports Day

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have framed down many ingenious campaigns such as Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Digital India, Beti Bachao-Beti Padao, and many more. After transforming the thoughts on digital payment, cleanliness and girls’ education, NaMo aims to enlarge awareness on Fitness. He talked about this initiative last year in March 2018 when he was addressing ‘Mann ki Baat’.

As per the sources, the center is planning to pioneer this event on this National Sports Day, August 29. The whole campaign will be organized and coordinated by the Sports Ministry, Information and Broadcasting Ministry and Human Resource Development. The ministry will also involve Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports in this fitness mission. 

The PM wishes to match up the scale of this fitness campaign with  Swachh Bharat Mission. The government is working on the procedures to be adopted to make this a successful mission. However, the Ministry of Sports with all the ministries involved and the government has made the first tentative yearly plan public. They call it The Fit India Calendar’. 

Let’s see how will it operate!

Overall Objective of ‘The Fit India Calendar’:

The ministry of sports has formulated its first tentative yearly plan. Here is the year-wise primary focus of this campaign: 

2019Physical fitness and mental wellbeing
2020Healthy food and eating habits
2021Adoption of sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Here is the month-wise plan for the year 2019. 

Month 1: 

In this month, Fit India Campaign will be launched. The ministry of sports has planned several activities such as fitness runs, walkathons, cycle rallies, etc., which are to be conducted across all educational institutes during this month. With the help of planned activities, the sporting talent of the new and Fit India will be unearthed. 

Month 2: 

After uplifting, the sports activities in educational institutions, the second month of this campaign will include schools and universities of all levels such as villages, towns, district levels, etc. Physical activities are highly significant, and this should be taken up in any form, which will be the primary message of this month. 

Month 3: 

This month will be a collaboration of the Digital India Campaign and Fit India Campaign. In this month, Indians will be encouraged to establish fitness groups/clubs in their vicinity and share the activities on social media platforms. 

Month 4: 

We all need safe playfields in our educational institutions. Also, many societies and colonies do not possess these playfields. During this month, this issue will be taken up further by the government to make Fit India and a better India. 

Month 5: 

Walkathons and Marathons are planned for this month. 

Fit India movement
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Month 6: 

This month will give a break to running and make effective use of cycles. The tentative plan of Fit India for this month is to have everyone (who owns a bicycle)  participating in the events. Cycle rallies will be organized from one village to another village.

Month 7: 

Competitive events and contests are planned for this month which will envisage all kinds of traditional and local sports.

Month 8: 

This month is totally dedicated to ‘volunteering’. Voluntary activities at all levels (block/district/state/national) are planned. 

Month 9:

During this month, sports veteran and important national sports will be recognized. 

Fit India with a Fit Office

A separate department has been proposed to set up for the Fit India campaign. It will have a team of 10 young professionals who will be led by a Joint Secretary.  In addition to this, every state will have a Fit India Headquarter which will be steered by a state mission leader with 1-2 young professionals. 

Nehru Yuva Kendras will be guiding the district mission leader or district collector.

Fitness is highly important as it reduces the risk of any diseases and at the same time, it revitalizes your body. Fitness has two forms: Physical and Mental. This Fit India campaign’s agenda is to have a balance in both physical and mental health. 

This campaign has excited all young sports enthusiasts.
Let’s contribute to this campaign as much as we can!

Fit India for a better India. 

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