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Donald Trump approved military strikes against Iran and changed his mind suddenly

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The United States’ President, Donald Trump, approved military strikes against Iran on Thursday. This brute decision was taken to retaliate for downing an American Military Drone which costed $130 million.

Officials have said that Mr. Trump approved attacks of radar and missile batteries on a few Iranian targets.

A senior administration official said, “the operation was in process when it was called off”. The pilots of planes and ships were in position and waiting for yes from their authorities. But, no missiles were fired by the officials.

The White House refused to make any comment on being asked about the plans for a strike and the decision to hold it back.

The dawn of 7 April, 2017 was extremely horrifying for Syria as the United States spearheaded a strike against Syria. Mr. Trump has initiated two major attacks against Syria; 2017 and 2018.

The strikes were planned to minimize risk to the Iranian military and to civilians.

Russia is blaming the USA for provoking a war with Iran.

Why did Donald Trump change his mind for strikes? Was the plan altered because of some strategy? Or did one call from Iran scared them all?

Nonetheless, let’s hope for a peaceful world.

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