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Cyclone in Mumbai: Uprooted Trees, Damaged Vehicles, And A 58-Year Old Man Died

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Cyclone Nisarga, which transformed into a severe cyclonic storm, this morning, has created a landfall on the Maharashtra coast. This becomes the second cyclone in India in two weeks and the first such storm that has impacted the worst hit city in the coronavirus 

More than 10,000 people including COVID-19 positive patients have been moved to safer locations. Mumbai, which is the worst hit city by COVID-19 has more than 40,000 cases. Its neighbouring districts and suburbs are on high alert. The movement of people along the coast has been banned. 

One casualty was reported in Maharashtra after a 58-year old man died when an electricity pole fell on him in Alibaug. After the storms, the coastal area of Maharashtra has experienced wind speeds up to 120 kmph in the afternoon. IMD (India Meteorological Department) said that the cyclone has started weakening and its intensity has also started decreasing. 

Mumbai Airport operations were closed until 7 PM after a Fedex aircraft overshot following hefty rains and winds amidst the landfall of Nisarga. The aircraft was involved in runway excursion on runway 14 at Mumbai yesterday. The plane went off the runway and ended by 9 meters. However, no damages were reported to the aircraft and its infrastructure. 

“The cyclone uprooted many trees and electric poles”, a district official said. 

“The cyclone hit areas near Dive Afar in Shrivardhan”, district collector Nidhi Choudhary said. 

The threat of cyclone Nisarga has also been averted in Gujarat and the state will now witness moderate to low rainfall. Areas in South Gujarat and Saurashtra will experience low rainfall for almost two days. 

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