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Coronavirus Is Not The Worst, Another Pandemic Possible

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The UN (United Nations) has labeled the coronavirus pandemic the worst crisis that humanity is facing since World War II. With over 2 million people affected by the pandemic and more than 150,000 dead, coronavirus remains the biggest challenge that the world has experienced till now. But according to one of the prominent virologists, Dr. Ian Lipkin, humanity will experience worse cases than COVID-19 in the future. 

During one of the exclusive talks with India Today, Dr Ian Lipkin said that human activity & its rise have increased the rate of such a health crisis and will continue to emerge over the time. 

“The primary reasons for seeing such health crises could be international trade, migration from one country to another, deforestation, climate change, and travel. All of these are changing at very higher rates”, he added

There have been many epidemics such as Nipah, Chikungunya, SARS-1 AIDS, and Dr Ian Lipkin has followed and studied at least 15 such potential pandemics. 

He warned that if we do not embrace positive changes in our interaction with the natural environment, we will have such epidemics continuously. He is also not convinced by the fact that coronavirus is the worst that humans are witnessing. 

International trade allows diseases to transmit rapidly. We have poor people who do not have grains to eat so they eat wild animals that carry such diseases. On the other hand, we have wealthy people who have pets that infect humans. 

To be safe from such outbreaks and to stop them from occurring again, Dr Ian stressed on the necessity of changing our day-to-day patterns.


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