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Chowkidar Narendra Modi’s Amazing Recent Tweets During Elections

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Narendra Modi, who has 47 million followers on Twitter, is one of the greatest politicians in the world.  Above all, his journey as a politician inspire his followers and galvanize his haters. Elections’19 have been divided in 9 phases out of which 3 phases have been completed successfully. This elections, Narendra Modi’s Twitter strategy is quite rational. The journey from Narendra Modi to Chowkidar Modi spells out his love for the country as during one of his recent rallies, he has said that, watchman is not an identity recognized by a uniform, but it is the spirit behind the word. With the entrustment of the responsibility to lead the nation, Modi Ji’s endeavors to save the nation from corruption deserve reverence. He has also appealed the citizens to serve the country as ‘chowkidars’ for an affluent India.

Modi Ji has been unvarying when it comes to making people aware about the elections. His Twitter account is flooded with tweets which signals the magnitude of voting. Here is the list of his phenomenal tweets that evince his win in elections’19.

1.When he talked about caste-ism

Caste System is prevalent in Indian since ancient times. Many people even today are affected by Case-System. But, as a Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has led the way to rise above divisions. Delivering effectual speech on a serious topic has been our Prime Minister’s style. No doubt about that!

2. Development in all corners of India

Infrastructure is fuel to expedite economic growth and the role of the ruling government in hastening growth is paramount. Hence, talking about the promises made by Gandhi Pariwar, he has corroborated the sustainable development in each village.

3. Gearing-up against terrorism

Chowkidar highlighted the seriousness of having a brawny government which can control Terrorism. Uri and Balakot attacks have proven the fact that this government knows how to answer negativeness of the neighboring countries.

4. Respect for unsung warriors

NaMo has always shown respect for the freedom fighter. Not only this, he has paid tribute to unsung warriors like Birsa Munda who fought like a hero and revolted against the British rule like a leader. A tribal avant-garde who instilled the love for India in many hearts.  

5. Voting as an important responsibility

Voting is a crucial part of democratic process. Therefore, Prime Minister has urged all the citizen of the country to vote. Polls/Voting mould the directions and regulate the nation. Voting is our right and it gives us potential to change the world.

As Simon Sinek says that “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation”, Chowkidar government is taking steps towards strengthening the country. It is our duty to look over the horizon and ensure a safer place for future generations.

Vote wisely!

India does not need to become anything else. India must become only India. This is a country that once upon a time was called the golden bird.
–Narendra Modi

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