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Changes In Jammu And Kashmir After Article 370 Revoked

Article 370 explained
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End of the special act (Article 370)

Under Article 370 till now Jammu and Kashmir were given special status, let us note down what will change after the revocation of this special act.

Separate constitution

Earlier: Jammu and Kashmir was the only state in the country which was operating as a separate constitution as per the provision mentioned in Article 370 “But before applying this article it was mentioned that this act will be temporary provision” which grants autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Now: After yesterday’s decision in Vidhan Sabha it was decided by the ruling government that Article 370 will be revoked and all the special powers the act will not be valid in the future. Jammu and Kashmir will now adhere to the Constitution of India, just like all the other states in the country.

Law and order

Now: After Article 370 is revoked from Jammu and Kashmir people from outside the boundary of J&K are allowed to buy property in the state and can also settle there as a citizen of that state just like other states of the country.

Earlier:  Every law and order was controlled by the state government and any amendments were dependent on the state government.

Now: After Article 370 being revoked the bifurcation of the state into two Union different Territories — J&K and Ladakh, and now the law and order that is to be followed by the state will be restructured. The government can structure the power-sharing design on the lines of either Delhi or Puducherry, both union territories. As like in  Delhi, the law and order are under the control of the Central government, while in Puducherry, law, and order are subjected as state government.

Article 370 removed effects and changes in jammu and kashmir
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Separate flag

Earlier: When Article 370 was followed in Jammu and Kashmir the special permission to J&K was granted to have separate flag along with the national flag.

Now: After Article 370 being removed it totally depends upon Parliament to decide whether the state will follow the rule of the separate flag with the National flag or they will follow the same rules as other states of the country.

Right to buy property

Earlier: According to Article 35A, which is based on Article 370, authorized the legislature to define the ‘permanent residents’ of the state and also grant some special privileges and rights to the citizens.

Now:  Now after Article 370 is revoked any citizen of India can buy a property in Jammu and Kashmir and can settle there for business and residential purposes.

What is your take on this historic decision???

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