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The Judgementall Hai Kya: What is your judgement?

judgmentall hai kya
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The wild movie, Judgementall Hai Kya has finally hit the big screen after lots of controversies. The movie is now getting mixed reviews.

It is clearly said that one cannot miss Kangana Ranaut in the movie. She is termed as the edgy, erratic star with an attitude, ‘I’ll go down but take everybody down with me’ knowns clearly how to enrage others.

Writer Kanika Dhillon and her director husband Prakash Kovelamudi have scripted the movie with utmost perfection, in a manner so surreal, that one when seeing the movie cannot tell when did Kangana takes over and where Bobby Batliwala Grewal comes through.

Judgementall Hai Kya is a movie that very subtly blurs real and reel, actual and imagined. The movie is all about the mind of a woman who continuously refuses to be dictated by patriarchy.

The movie is also a strong provocative commentary on society’s tendency to label people refusing to stick to the established societal norms and decorum.

Kangana is at regular intervals referred to as ‘bawli’ and ‘atrangi’ through expository dialogues. Bobby doesn’t care to live down that reputation what with a bulk of the movie acting as an enamored profile of numerous tics and mounting hysteria.

Having hysteric symptoms, she has hyena laugh, unruly hair and bohemian style of dressing along with having ambiguous asexuality, morbid humour, fixation with tongue twisters and crafting origami out of disturbing news clippings to her curious interactions around a dispensable boyfriend (Hussain Dalal) and penchant for slipping into the skin of the character she’s dubbing for in Judgementall Hai Kya’s fascinating movie-within-movie scenario, Bobby is one irresistible mess.

After seeing the movie, one will surely get to know how crazy Kangana is with her acting skills.

The second lead star of the movie, Rajkumar Rao is a perfect fit for the part. They both compliment each other on-screen well. They both fit well with the intensity of how they feed off each other’s energy. It is exactly what keeps Judgementall Hai Kya exciting and engrossing till the end.

It’s a wild move but works because of how assured its cast is before and its crew is behind the camera.

The background score of this crazy movie is by David B George. Kovelamudi has a keen visual style where sound and sight is designed to stay in sync with the plot’s excessive mood and ominous plans. Mostly, the flamboyance overkill contributes to the vibe of his storytelling.

Judgementall Hai Kya may feel strongly about the repercussions of domestic violence and its impressionable beholders but it never fleshes out beyond cursory.

The movie also relies on a .lot of exaggeration and has a lot of imagination into a picture which is far away from reality.

It is better you go and see the crazy madness
predict the rest for yourself!!!

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