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Arnab Goswami’s Car ‘Attacked’ In Mumbai

Arnab Goswami Attacked
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According to the Mumbai Police, two men named ‘Pratik Kumar Mishra’ and ‘Arun Dilip Borade’, attacked Gosswami’s car when he was going back to the home from work after midnight. The two men were on a motorcycle as reported. Samyabrata Ray, the wife of Arnab Goswami, was also in the car. When the television anchor did not roll down the window, the two men splashed black paint all over on Goswami’s vehicle.

Goswami’s guards were in another vehicle and caught Partik and Arun. They went to the police station and handed the dup to N M Joshi Marg Police. As per the police, both the men have been arrested and now in custody. 

Goswami claimed that both accused are the workers of the Congress party. The same has also been identified. Both the accused are office-bearers of the youth congress in sion-koliwada Assembly constituency. Borade is the president, whereas Mishra is the general secretary. 

Arnab Goswami Attack
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After the lynching of two sadhus in Mumbai last weekend, Arnab Goswami has been ranting against Congress president Sonia Gandhi since then on the television. Goswami is blaming Sonia for the attacks. However, the Maharashtra Unit of the Congress Party has condemned the attacks on the anchor. 

“Two men on a motorcycle overtook my car and tried to identify who was driving. They then blocked the path of my car with their two-wheeler.  The pillion rider hit the right side driver window several times and after realising that the car windows were up, the pillion rider removed a liquid bottle from his pocket and threw liquid on the driver’s side of the car where I was sitting,” Goswami said in his complaint. 

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Many are labeling this incident as a rigged publicity stunt. What are your views on this? Let us know!

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