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A 40-year-old Delhi woman got injured as her saree got stuck in metro door

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Gita, a 40-year-old woman, who is a resident of Shastri Nagar area (Delhi) got injured as her saree stuck in a carriage door of Delhi Metro.

The incident happened at the Moti Nagar metro station which is on the blue line (Dwarka to Noida/Vaishali). The train started moving as it was about to leave the station, due to which the lady got hauled on the platform’.

The lady was commuting with her daughter when this terrifying incident happened. They were coming from Nawada and they got off at the Moti Nagar station when all this happened, her husband Jagdish Prasad said.

Gita is a housewife and her husband is the only bread earner in the family. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital after this incident.

One of the commuters pressed emergency button to stop the train when she was being dragged on the platform.

The incident has been confirmed by a senior DMRC (Delhi Metro) official.

The delay in metro was post-haste announced on the twitter by DMRC (Delhi Metro).

And when everything got normalized, DMRC tweeted the following:

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