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5 Unusual Punishment Tactics That Indian Police Is Using Against Lockdown Violators

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While everybody is requested to stay at home and do some creative activities, Indian Police have come up with their own innovative punishment ideas for those who are violating lockdown rules. Indian Police Officers are sure of the fact that they do not want to punish people harshly for these transgressions. Therefore, they adopted non-violent methods to deal with the rule-breakers. 

India has registered more than 10,000 coronavirus cases with more than 300 deaths till now. Breaching lockdown restrictions has become a great concern for the community as well as the government. And, Indian Police can’t take strict actions. So, to fight the battle against coronavirus, Indian Police had to come up with quirky ways to keep people at home. 

Indian Police is back to those school-time punishments for lockdown violators. Here’s a few uncanny yet funny stories that will make you laugh wholeheartedly.

  1. Uttarakhand Police: Write Sorry For 500 Times

Uttarakhand Police asked foreign nationals to write “Did not follow lockdown, I am Sorry” for 500 times. The foreign nationals broke the lockdown rules in Rishikesh and were found to be hanging out at Ganges’ banks. 

police punishment for lockdown violators
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The foreign nationals were 10 in total and were from Israel, Australia, and Mexico. One of the police guys brought blank 50 to 60 blank papers on which the foreign nationals were asked to write “I am sorry” about 500 times. They were then freed but with a stern warning and ordered to get themselves quarantined. 

Does not matter if those 10 foreign nationals had to go through such kind of punishment as kids, but they will never forget that Indian Police made them write “I am Sorry” for 500 times. Many of us have faced this punishment when we could not do homework or any assignment. Despite being a light punishment, this process imprints long-lasting memories in the minds.

  1. Jaipur Police : You better listen to Masakali 2.0

Making remixes of old classical songs has been a trend in Indian music fraternity. We all loved the Masakali song from ‘Delhi 6’. Its new version or remix Masakali 2.0 is facing a lot of criticism by the fans. 

Jaipur police appealed to people to stay at home. If they step out, they will confine all violators in a room and play Masakali 2.0 non-stop. They creatively warned janta on social media by using the lyrics of the song (below)

  1. Maharashtra Police: The classical ‘Murga’ Punishment

Mumbai police went totally desi during the lockdown. They asked violators to sit in a murga or chicken position. 

police punishment for lockdown violators
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As you can see in the picture (above), people are holding their ears through their knees and also following the social distancing rules! This technique used to work wonders on the naughtiest kids or back benchers, this just might work on violators too. 

  1. Andhra Pradesh Police: Not staying at home? Well, do sit ups 

Amidst lockdown, Andhra Pradesh Police asked violators to do sit ups with crossed hands. 

police punishment for lockdown violators
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The violators definitely got the message of staying at home and not roaming around. Andhra Pradesh Police also posted a video of the violators doing sit ups on their twitter handle. 

  1. Uttar Pradesh Police: Do some art on the road

A police officer in Uttar Pradesh punished Janta Curfew violator in a very artistic way. The officer asked the violator to draw social distancing circles at the door-step of medical and ration shops. 

Measuring the meters and constant process of Up and Down’ would have driven the violator crazy! At least he learned to #StayHomeStaySafe

CuriousKeeda requests all of you to stay home and stay safe. Keep washing your hands after every hour and eat healthily.

We are all in this together! #ThisTooShallPass

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