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The Home Ministry nod for moving 10,000 security forces to Jammu and Kashmir

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The move comes regardless of the extra 40,000 security faculty positioned in Kashmir to keep up the security of the Amarnath yatra.
In an uncommon move, the Home Ministry on Friday conceded approval for the preparation of 100 extra companies of security powers in Jammu and Kashmir.

A senior government authority said the development of troops was required as the security powers deployed in Kashmir Valley were “stretched” in securing the Amarnath Yatra route.

Amarnath Yatra in jammu and kashmir
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In any case, the move has raised theory about the Center intending to unroll crisp measures in Kashmir.

A government official said, “There is no need to panic, extra personnel are being deployed so we could plan security operations effectively. Our hands were full as the Amarnath Yatra is going on.

A request issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs had stated, “In order to strengthen the Counter Insurgency grid as well as for maintaining law and order situation in J&K, deployment of additional 100 companies of CAPFs are ordered.

Each company involves around 100 workforces.

The move comes in spite of an extra 40,000 security personnel positioned in Jammu and Kashmir to keep up the security of the Amarnath yatra, which finishes up on August 15 and right now in excess of two lakh travelers have visited the heavenly altar in Kashmir. For the security of these travelers, more security force is required.

The order comes after National Security Advisor Ajit Doval came back from Srinagar this week. 

He additionally visited the shrine Amarnath to check for the security level and the nearby areas.

The hypothesis around the movie is additionally centered around the evacuation of Article 35A,  which characterizes state subject laws in the State.

Last time such gigantic deployment was done in the Kashmir Valley before the Balakot airstrike.

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