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Elections 2019 Updates: Number of Votes have increased by 84.3 million in the Lok Sabha Polls

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Sunil Arora, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) gave the statement on Sunday mentioning that the total number of voters that will take part in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 has gone up by a massive 84.3 million since the last Lok Sabha Polls that happened in 2014.

This has pushed the total number of Voters to 900 million. He also mentioned that approximately 15 million of these new voters are in the age group of 18-19 years old.

Whether this will create a big change in the agendas of the Elections campaigns is yet to be seen. The big two, BJP and Congress, and others are still talking about agendas of employment and reservations as a part of their campaign for Elections 2019.

During the 2014 elections, BJP’s focus on development and growth in their election agendas helped them rise to power. These issues seemed relevant to the 150 million first-time voters of 2014 elections.

Whether the same agendas of growth will work in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 is a question BJP must be asking themselves. Meanwhile, EC is conducting several campaigns in many states to raise awareness and ensure the maximum possible turnout in the polls.

PM Modi has also urged the voters to register and vote. He urged the “partners in the decision-making process of the country” to register themselves as voters and cast their ballot in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections 2019.

The Election Commission had announced that the elections will happen in 7 phases:

  • Phase 1: 11 April
  • Phase 2: 18 April
  • Phase 3: 23 April
  • Phase 4: 29 April
  • Phase 5: 6 May
  • Phase 6: 12 May
  • Phase 7: 19 May
  • And the counting of votes will take place on 23 May.

PM Modi wished the Election Commission and the field officials and wished them a good election year.

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