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”Congress is anti-Gandhi values”: Modi on 89th Anniversary of Dandi Satyagraha

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12th March 2019 marks the 89th anniversary of Dandi March which was steered by none other than Mahatama Gandhi. The march was conducted against the British salt monopoly and their taxation policies. It began on 12th March 1930 and lasted till 6th April 1930. It is also known as ‘Salt March’ and ‘Dandi Satyagraha’.

Gandhi led Dandi Satyagraha from his base, Sabarmati Ashram, which was a small town in Gujarat then. Many Indian friends joined Gandhi on his journey of producing the salt without paying the taxes. It is considered to be the most disobedient act in the entire history.

Today is the 89th anniversary of Dandi Satyagraha. It is ‘Satyagraha’ as Gandhi fought this with his own principles of non-violence.

Today the prime minister, Narendra Modi in his blog said outrightly that, “Congress culture is the anti-thesis of Gandhian values.”

He also added, “Gandhi Ji taught us to think of the plight of the poorest person we have seen and think about how our work impacts that person. I am proud to say that in all aspects of our Government’s work, the guiding consideration is to see how it will alleviate poverty and bring prosperity”

Modi in his blog (https://www.narendramodi.in/when-a-pinch-of-salt-shook-an-empire-543934) also mentioned about the work that has been taken up by the current government and ended the blog with the video (watch the video below)

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