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What Feminism is Not!

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The word feminism is a bit confusing in itself. Just the mention of it can trigger a full-fledged debate. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines feminism as, “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” Even so, it’s quite a hot topic and never fails to create controversial conversation.

Since everyone perceives feminism in their own way, feminism has taken somewhat a negative turn.

So, here are a few things people who claim to be feminists do, but are actually not feminist at all:

1. Think that women are better than men

No!! How could you so conveniently be ignorant of the keyword of feminism; EQUALITY? Women are equal to men. Men are equal to women. All humans are equal to each other. Period.

2. Refusing to acknowledge male rape or the pressure of toxic masculinity

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Let’s face the truth. Not all men have it easy just by the virtue of being born male. And we CAN NOT turn a blind eye to that.

3. Playing the woman card under the tag of chivalry

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If you think a man should offer you his seat on a public transportation just because you’re a woman, think again! Unless you’re pregnant, old or unwell, there’s no excuse for you to make him get up. He’s probably as tired as you, if not more, after a long day of work.

4. Judging other women or putting them down

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If you’re parading on streets holding placards of gender equality one day and the next you’re slut-shaming another woman for wearing something of her choice, are you even doing it right? If women can’t give power to other women then what’s the whole point?

5. Ignoring casual sexism

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True, the world cannot be changed overnight. But that definitely doesn’t mean you casually obey your boyfriend when he insists on pay the bill. Or that you simply sit mum when he jokes that you can’t drive.

6. Using big words and theoretical information

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You may use words like chauvinist, oppression, and objectification to confuse people and never stop with your speech on the waves of feminism but hey, what does feminism personally mean to you?

Feminist or not let’s just respect everyone as fellow human beings and live happily, eh?




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