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What Bollywood Never Told You About College Life!

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Good Times

Crazy Friends

Amazing College Memories!!!

We all often have the fondest memories of our college days.

It’s such a rush of nostalgia reminiscing about the time spent with our friends, from the jokes and pranks to exam-time madness, to just chilling in the canteen without a care in the world.

Everyone’s got a story to tell when the topic of ‘college days’ comes up.

Admit it, hasn’t a song about friendship or a movie about college life gotten you reliving those days?

College is certainly one rollercoaster of a journey, but Bollywood is notorious for portraying it in an unrealistic, over the top, dance-with-pompoms kinda way! It has given us all false hopes at one point (myself included).

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Be it Hrithik Roshan’s entry in a shiny new sportscar in K3G or Siddharth Malhotra’s Kukkad Kamal arrival in Student of The Year, time won’t slow by, there won’t be any background music, and more importantly there will be no hordes of girls (or boys) that chase you around wanting to know “Who are you?” a la Pooh.

People are too caught up in the admission procedures, ‘Orientations’ and finding their classrooms/ lecture halls to check out every newcomer that’s entering.
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Also, and no movie discusses this enough, it’s an entire process to get to college too! You can’t expect Ferraris and BMWs all around. If you don’t stay at the hostel, the daily commute itself is an experience- packed buses and entire coaches of Metro filled with students cramming for the tests, complaining about professors or talking about how late they are for class.

It’s definitely chaotic, but also nostalgic!!
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Bollywood has long since lied to us about the fashion choices people make in college. While people do make an effort to look cool and presentable, literally no one bothers with short dresses, hot pants, crop tops or elaborate hairdos on a daily basis (and guys keep their shirts on). So no Alia Bhatts and no Rani Mukherjees. Also, sexier twists to college uniforms are never allowed (the most misleading of them all!)

Speaking from experience, by the final year you’re pretty much in the comfiest and easy clothes you can find as you focus on your hectic schedule.

Reality check ladies!!!
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It’s a possibility that you won’t run into your BFFF on the first day itself. College brings in a wide variety of people together and with time you’re sure to meet lots of cool and quirky folks.

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There aren’t half as many dance competitions (Mai Prem Ki Deewani Hu …ahem!) College festivals are a big part of college life, but they rarely as over-the-top as shown in the movies.

Most of the time it’s too crowded or the passes are sold out. You can join the dance/ choreo society, but there’s only a fixed number of competitions and events you can perform in.
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Bollywood completely ignores the warden’s wrath, portraying hostelers as party animals with loud music blaring 24*7. In reality, not many people dare to do so and if they do, they have to inevitably meet the warden and apologize for it. No sane person can party all the time, all day, every day!

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Remember how boys are always seen eager to sneak into the girls’ hostel in the movies? Yeah, that does not happen!! And no girl can just move into a guy’s room (I’m talking to you, 2 states!) Just your typical Bollywood exaggeration.

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Your professors won’t look like Sushmita Sen. I’m sure everyone remembers having watched Main Hoon Na. Tall and beautiful Sushmita in her pretty saris and perfect hair, yeah not happening. If you are actually hoping to see such attractive teachers, let me give you a reality check. They will be a lot stricter and would prefer that you focus on studies rather than makeovers. However, some professors are really knowledgeable and, if you’re lucky, quite chill too, actually.

Yes, it does matter a lot!Nobody gets away with bunking classes all the time. It’s pretty serious business and almost all colleges and universities now have rules that specify minimum attendance required per semester.

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More often than not, Bollywood movies portray a fairy-tale romance as the ultimate end game in college. While you will come across some nice folks and might even find your soulmate, college will be a lot more of discovering yourself, figuring your path in terms of career, friendship and perhaps that illusive Goa trip!

We’ve all grown up on Bollywood and often look consider it as our inspiration. For many of us, it still provides the first impression on different aspects of life.

While the Indian Film Industry has never claimed to be absolutely 100% factually accurate, if you’re getting into college this year, it might help to take what you see on the big screen with a pinch of scepticism.


(to all the stressed college students)


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