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Here Are Some Amazing Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
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Microsoft’s Windows OS is not about one thing; it is a strongly interwoven patchwork of features that are built atop other features that can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the time-tested operating system. 

Each feature that windows have is a result of a dedicated team of engineers who create the best and customizable experience possible.

With such a complex piece of software, it makes sense that there might be little tricks that most people don’t even know about.

We here at curiouskeeda have compiled a list of useful tips that will help you get more out of your Microsoft Windows 10 experience. Or, at least, teach you some things you may not have known about:

Secret Start Menu

Hidden Start Menu Feature of Windows 10
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If you are someone who likes that non-titled, old-school Start menu experience, you can still have it. All you have to do is right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom-left corner, a textual jump menu will  prompt up with a number of familiar popular destinations (Apps and Features, Search, Run). All these options are available through the standard menu interface, but you’ll be able to access them quicker through this textual interface.


Shake Feature of Windows 10
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This shake feature made a debut in Windows 7, but a lot of people don’t know about it or use it. If you have a display full of windows, clear the clutter by grabbing the top of the window you do like and “shaking” it to minimize all the other windows. Shake again and the windows will come back.

Rotate Your Screen

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This tip won’t be useful to most, but you can rotate your screen by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + D and any of the arrow buttons. This feature is available on Windows 7 and 10. The down arrow will flip it upside down, the left or right arrow buttons will turn it 90 degrees on its side, and the up arrow will bring you back to standard orientation.  Alternatively, you can right-click on the desktop background > Graphics Options > Rotation to turn your page around in all sorts of ways.

Enable Slide To Shutdown

Slide Shutdown Feature of Windows 10
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This trick is complicated to do but here you go right-click on the desktop > New > Shortcut. In the ensuing pop-up window, paste the following line of code:


This creates a clickable icon on your desktop, which you can feel free to rename. To shut down via slide-down, double-click on the new icon to prompt a pull-down shade. Then use your mouse to drag it down to the bottom of the screen. Keep in mind, this isn’t sleep, this is a shutdown.

Enable God Mode

God Mode Feature of Windows 10
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If you are a power user and want access to your PC’s nitty-gritty, “God mode” is for you. Right-click on the desktop > New > Folder. Re-name the new folder with this bit of code:


To enter the “God Mode” window, double-click the folder and go nuts.

Multi-Screnning Windows

Multi Screening in Feature of Windows 10
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This feature was available as far back as Windows 7, but has some extras in Windows 10.

Grab any window and drag it to the side, where it will “fit” to half the screen. In Windows 10, you have the option of dragging the window to any corner to have the window take over a quarter of the screen instead of half. If you’re using multiple screens, drag to a border corner and wait for a prompt signal to let you know if the window will open in that corner.

You can prompt similar behavior by using the Windows key plus any of the directional arrow buttons.

Hidden Games In Cortana

Cortana Games Feature of Windows 10
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They’re not games in the “fun” sense as much as they’re cool little time-killers that Cortana can help you with. You can type (or say) “Rock Paper Scissors” “Roll the Die,” or “Flip the Coin” in Cortana for a fun (?) graphic gaming experience.

Make Your Command Prompt Window Transparent

Transcript Feature of Windows 10
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This feature will probably only be useful to a narrow niche of users, but if you like to dig your virtual fingers into the innards of Windows via the Command Prompt, Windows 10 provides a ghostly way to interface with it.

To access the Command Prompt interface in Windows 10, click on the Windows menu and type “Command Prompt” to bring up quick access to its desktop app. Click that. To personalize the experience, right-click at the top of the window to prompt a pop-up menu and choose “Properties.” Click over to the “Colors” tab to see a range of personalization options. At the bottom of this tab, you’ll find the “Opacity” slider, which allows you to see through the Command Prompt window. This feature lets you code away in the Command Prompt while simultaneously observing the desktop.

Mixed Reality Viewer

Mixed Reality Viewer
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The Windows Fall Creators Update installed the Mixed Reality Viewer app on your Windows 10 machine; it was recently renamed 3D Viewer. Do a quick Cortana search and open the app to play around with 3D models—either ones you’ve created in Paint 3D or downloaded from Microsoft’s library of thousands of models. If you own one of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality partner headsets or want to start playing around with 3D and mixed reality development, this app is your way to start leveling up.

Dark Mode for File Explorer

Dark Theme Feature
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Dark Mode has been available for the Start menu, taskbar, action center, and other apps for a while, but now you can finally use it for the File Explorer window. You can set up Dark Mode by going into Settings > Personalization > Colors, and scrolling to the bottom where you’ll see “Choose your default app mode.” Switch it from light to dark.

Article Source: in.pcmag.com

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