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10 Things Men Have To Face That Women Will Never Get!

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“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” is not just an overused stereotype. 

We will all agree, that females have a superpower a great ability to juggle ten tasks effortlessly at once while men can’t even remember what they had for lunch the other day? 

But, we have to agree that there are just some things that guys do that us girls will never be able to get our heads around. No matter how hard we try, it’s never going to happen. 

Check out the list below of the top 10 things us girls will NEVER understand about guys.


Women constantly attack men, and they are not allowed to complain

women always complain to men
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How helpless they feel against the nasty mean looks, jokes, jabs and other subtle ways women attack them.


Emotions are kept bottled up, men don’t speak

men hide emotions
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We all wonder why guys can’t express their emotions properly. It is still not clear if it’s their hormones or society brainwashing them into believing they should be that way, but the difference between how males and females express emotions is miles apart.


They always have to make the first move

men always make the first move
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Men also want some love and affection, but still, they are the one to be stereotyped to make the first move. Why?


Random erections 

men embarrassing moments

Would a girl like if their boobs suddenly started glowing at random intervals throughout the day?


They are not allowed to cry and let things out

men don't try
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When a little boy falls down, we tell them to stop crying, get up, and go play. No amount of psychotherapy, analyzing, and health articles on how important emotions are is going to be able to rework what’s essentially two or three decades of emotional brainwashing. 


Failing to organize any kind of plans for dates

date forgotten by men
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If a guy asks you out, the least you expect him to do is pick a fun activity for you to do together – one that doesn’t involve Netflix. But they just can’t do it. Planning a date for them is difficult than fighting a war. 


They manage to get ready in just 5 minutes

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Girls can’t even get out of bed in five minutes, let alone getting dressed and slap a bit of make-up on. How do guys do this?


Why we always gotta be the big spoon?

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“Sometimes we want to be the little spoon.”


Balls tend to get in the way pretty much all the time

Balls tend to get in the way pretty much all the time
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If you see a guy with his hand stuck down the pants, they are not being creepy and weird, they are just re-arranging that bag of skin. Isn’t nature beautiful?


They have to provide physical, financial, emotional, and mental support

men paying
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They have a lot of expectations to carry all the time. They have to provide a lot of physical, financial, emotional, and mental support to everyone.  They have to bust ass at work and buck up if they are down because it can’t affect their work or the whole thing crumbles.

What do you think? Let us know if you strongly agree, disagree, or if there’s something vital we missed that really pisses you guys off.

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