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Here are 3 Best Ways to Avoid Internet Trolling!


With the advent of internet, has also risen the irritating group of internet trolls. These people do not have any shallower purpose to exist for in the internet than floating muck in a lotus pond. Their sole motivation is to upset, annoy and to simply ruin people’s days. One needs to realize that they aren’t required to stare at rocks when they come in the path, but simply dodge them and move ahead. Internet trolls require no different treatment. In the list below, we have curated some of the ways by which you can avoid an internet troll from making you their primary attack. Take a look below:

Stay Clear of Extremities 

Make sure to be always aware of what the hot topic of the day is. Stay clear of sharing any extreme views on the internet if internet trolling is something you would prefer to live life without. They wait for every opportunity to pounce at you. Any extreme behavior will be a direct invitation to hoard in and flock your profile with some of the meanest things which you may have read in a very long while. Therefore, avoid any views which can make you a slice of prime rib steak for the internet trolls to gorge on for the day. 

Post Things with a Good Vibe


Every post consists of a few elements which makes it easier for the troll to be able to take it down with their verbose filth. Make sure that you are posting and putting up stuff on your profile which consists of the good vibes. This way, it will make the job of any internet troll painstakingly hard to come up and abuse that post. Talk about stuff which literally cannot be hunkered down by any means of offence or trolling. It truly will be a troll’s nightmare!

Stay Away from Spam


Internet is a spot which leaves trails wherever you go. Almost all the websites today which we interact with are trying to get something out of us, even be it as simple as our email addresses. Make sure that you leave any of your details only with trusted and reliable websites. If you will be all over the place, the internet trolls would not take a lot of time to hunt you down and get to business. Therefore, make sure that you are very careful with where you leave you information and are sure about how it is going to get used. Trolls are constantly sniffing around to pick up new profiles to rip into. Steer clear of the menace! 

There you have it! Internet trolling certainly is one of the drawbacks of this digital age. Trolling although isn’t something which the internet has given birth to. The challenge simply is to steer clear of the people who won’t add any value to your experience while on the internet. Following the above tips will help you stay away from the internet trolls for sure.

Make sure to follow them regularly and you will keep them at bay. All the very best!

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