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Generation Gap: Childhood Then And Now

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Olden times were much much much better. Dating had only two simple categories: going steady in a committed relationship and being single. There were no gray areas of endless confusion. Times back then were beautiful and simple to live. Televisions had less than one hundred channels allowing you to simply choose one to watch rather than thousands now. Childhoods consisted of memories of ice cream cones and the bright sour candies, rather than the PS4’s and iPhones. With technological advancements,  children missing out on what is supposed to be the most simple times of their lives. 

For those who grew up in the ’90s, you would relate and remember the blissful Sunday morning cartoons, light-up sneakers, all-denim everything. How summer days were spent at the pool listening to pop music and evenings were spent playing games in the gardens and running like fugitives. Earlier children would let out their creative juices by painting on drawing sheets instead of doodling over Snapchat. And not to miss, some of the best memories made were with friends outside the house. 

Perspectives on childhood have changed greatly over the years. The luckiest kids were considered the ones who have plenty of friends instead of whoever had the newest version of the iPhone

When looking at how children experience growing up in comparison to how we did, it can be almost sad to see the things they give up in return for the technology they are given. 

For many, childhood was a time where life was simple. It may now be too late, or maybe even impossible, to reverse how technology has changed a life, it is not too late to learn how to put our phones down to better enjoy adolescence and adulthood.

Let’s look at how life was then and how it is now!

Playing meant, being in bunches and kicking footballs in a park. But now all playing comprises of is paying PUBG over phone calls. The achievements were to get hold of the opponent who was a crazy runner, now accomplishments comprises of having chicken dinner.

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All that gave kids pleasure and made them feel superior were having dozens of game cassettes and a new football. Now kids aren’t satisfied even after having the latest gadget.  

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We will all relate, this is how our moms used to dress up. We all would end up looking like the attendees of a Halloween party. Nowadays kids have a dressing style of their own. They want to look at their fashionable best. We did not even know what fashion was earlier. 

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We all had our routines tied. Our mom’s made sure we have a good night’s sleep by say 9 pm. Kids now leave their houses at 9 to party till the sun shines.

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The Internet plays a huge role now! Everything you say, do, see is just an influence on the world wide web. 

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It was so much fun to be glued to the video games in one place. Leaving all the meals just to complete the stage. Now kids can take their games anywhere and play it during any time of the day. 

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Nights stays and sleepovers were a big deal back then. Now we all know the truth.

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We all got punished. Our punishments used to be standing in the corner of the room facing the wall. Or keeping hands straight up in the air.  Facing these punishments gave us sudden guilts. Kids now are punished by taking their tech devices or turning off the wi-fi. All this leads to no guilt for them, just more
hatred towards the parents.

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Restaurants back then meant good food and happy family times. Now all restaurants means are wifi and uploading selfies.

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Kids had an aim, a goal in life. Kids now have no sense of responsibility. All they live for is the internet.

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We are not saying one way is better than the other…okay, yes we are. Childhood back in the 90’s rocked. We just hope our children feel the same way about theirs.

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