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For a moment, go down the memory lane and recollect the first ever art class you attended. You would have had a glittery smile on your face by now. A flashback to a class where your rockets of imagination did wonders for you. Out of a few magnum opuses you recollect, a nature scenery does come to your mind. Studded with the boldest colours ever and speaking heights of your free-flowing ideation, that sketch had always cherished you. Everybody liked their sketches colourful with all the glittery components of the pigment.

The world we live in is itself a gigantic sketch and the blue colour is dominantly visible. There are shades of pink and the rainbow, but no colour matches the outspreads of blue. Many connoisseurs tried taking the paintbrush in their hands and repainting, but a majority of times it left a blot of black and haunts of the uncertainty of an “equal” world for all.

One of the many moments I say I am a proud Indian is when someone wants to know if my people are ready to accept the fact that men and women should be treated equally. The Indian history over time has worshipped women. And it is a no-brainer why we refer to our country as Bharat Maa. However, reality strikes soon. As it turns out, the same ancient values empowered a few chumps to think that women and men have definite roles in a household. A woman with more skills than to look after the household is a curse. Let me just put it this way, we are all ashamed equally for such stereotypical obsessions with fixed roles of women.

If someone would stop by and ask me about it I would say, it is nothing but accepting the fact that women are human beings like men and there is nothing, which makes them indifferent to men. It is as simple as it sounds since it’s only understanding and implementing the fact that no gender is inferior or superior to either. Over the years, the term feminism has had its own fair of share of appearance in newspapers, debates, political and social arguments. If we dive into the timeline, Feminism grew up as a general term until its stature grew as the new f word for the society. It is more of an ideology rather than an ideation. The path to such stature was paved with the determination, grit and the desire for equality amongst the genders. Some “fought” for freedom of expression, while some for their self-pride. And on its way to eternity, the real meaning was soon lost.

Dictionary says the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities is feminism. However, the thing that strikes me is if the word in itself stands for equality why does it contain only the feminine part of it? What I mean is we already had a word equality, then why did the term feminism came into existence. I stand for equality for every individual on the planets, irrespective of “it’s” gender, caste, creed, background, ethnicity, religion, or any other sort of parameter which forces us, people, to stand in different queues sharing the same resources.

However, with such great ideas coming up with time, people are taking the message too far and in a way even corrupting the entire concept of it. Modern day feminism is based on the idea that “women are superior to men” or “all men are evil “.

The worst thing that could happen to the initiative was the term founds its use continuous and exaggeratingly excessive. The loud decibels on the TV screens of the repeating f word had prolific debate winning but its purity losing consequences. Any sane mind would stand for the same as I do. While there are millions who do not believe in the idea that men and women should get equal opportunities. And out of the millions left, some feel we are not ready for it yet. The way to equality needs to see more sacrifices on its way.

Well, the thing is, it does not really matter what I as a writer or you as a reader think about it. The question, which needs to be answered, is we ready to arrive at a solution. For years, the term has been used, deteriorating its essence. Once opinions differ and we arrive at a deadlock. It is my opinion that if I support equality for every woman, that does not make me a rat to my men community. Moreover, if I say equality, I do not need a fancy word of feminism to support my case. The term equality does it well enough. Let us get over with an issue, which needs a mere sane sense to reach the solution. We have got a lot many to think about.

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