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College Life: Expectation vs Reality!


Boards done, Farewell attended, made way through the cut-off list to one of the prestigious Institutes that you always dreamt off, and now it’s time to daydream. Imagining every possible scenario, you would end up in when you step out of your cosy home walls to the new wide world of college life. Your emotions are on its highest peak possible, adrenaline kicking and along with all of that is an infinitesimal fear of leaving the known habitat. A totally different setup awaits you and the start accompanies gigantic desires and expectations.

The endeavours that you put together for the last couple of years of your high school finally pay off when you make it to your dream college. In any case, what is so energizing and charming about college life that has each secondary school understudy anticipating it? All things considered, first of all on account of the considerable number of things that they watch on TV grow their expectations about college life. Gatherings, huge amounts of opportunity, dusk ’til dawn affairs with companions, and the possibility of doing whatever it is that you like that is the thing that their view of such a life is. Tragically, the vibe lasts for only a couple of days. Without a doubt, your time in college is going be a standout amongst other periods of your life yet it isn’t going to be the level perfect you imagine. There are some rude awakenings on the exclusive requirements you may have created about existence in there.


With the recently discovered opportunity additionally comes the unquestionable inclination to investigate each edge of the city. From the well-known landmarks of the city to visit the best bistros with your companions. For who thinks about classes, do not live a free bird’s life. What’s more, even teachers in college aren’t as bothersome as the instructors back in school. However, the rude awakening is dissimilar to that in the school where your instructors pursued you, in college, you would be the one pursuing them. Like it or not, a large portion of the occasions it would be about attendance issues for the off chance that you do not meet the minimum. You will still have your shot at investigating the city however it just won’t be a regular situation. There are a lot of things that no one told you about college life.

college uniforms
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You would desire of no more uniforms and finally the opportunity to wear whatever you would want to. Who doesn’t dream of sprucing up each day in the best of their outfits and put forth another style expression consistently? The harsh truth being, it probably will not sound as cool as when you get the opportunity to do it on a regular premise. Assembling clothes and coordinating extras will appear to be an enormous assignment when you would need to do that on everyday schedule. Eventually, you’d consequently return to plain shirts and easy-going jeans.

You would fancy all the late night parties in and out of hostels. Living life of the social bee and the heart of every party is what you would dream of. However, the major shindig you’ll go to will be the night-time lodging parties wherein you’d sneak in your companion’s room and celebrate with quieted voices dreading the fury of the superintendent. The number of invites would be much less than what you scored in your boards final.

college food

You most likely surmise that college is where you would eat heartily through all the meals 24*7. You can dream about all the food what you want but in all actuality, the sustenance in the mess of your hostel isn’t all that you’ve been longing for. For an initial couple of weeks, you are in amazement of the assortment, however, by week four, you understand that you miss your mother’s cooking miserably and you can’t do anything about it. Maggi is your new best friend and you both share the night more than often.

If you are one of the popular children in school, you will hold the expectations of being the college hotshot as well. What is more, is there any valid reason why you should not all things considered, you have every one of the characteristics great at scholastics, extraordinary at games, the school’s teacher’s favourites. But the rude awakening in college may come as a significant hard blow for you. Every one of your colleagues in college are for the most part as gifted as you and some much more. You may need to put in a considerable amount a greater amount of diligent work when contrasted with what you did back in school to attain the same position.

college life
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One of the best things about college life is a life far away from parents. Such a life appears free, intriguing and above all else intrusion free. It appears finally being the ace of your own will, doesn’t it? Actually, hostel life probably won’t be as energizing as you at first idea it to be. Exhausting chaos, terrible food, chafing flatmates, yearning to go home they’d all make you miss home more than you know. Nothing would bring a greater grin at your face than the prospect of occasions and a shot at investing some quality time with family.

Did I scare you off? I had no intention of doing it. College probably won’t be as much fun as you think to be, yet beyond any doubt, you will have your own heaps of fun. There will be troublesome occasions however, they will set you up for the life ahead. It may be extreme at first however, as you settle in things will wind up less demanding and you’ll discover your way around a ton of these underlying challenges. College life is where your life really begins. It is the place you genuinely get yourself and meet long lasting companions who will remain with you during the time of midterms and breakups, espresso dates and late night affairs.

Regardless of whether you’re simply beginning college out of the blue or you’re starting the first day of your senior year, you have a tendency to expect something altogether unique in relation to the real world, however, once in a while reality winds up being a mess superior to anything you anticipated. Esteem the pass by obstacles and accept them as profitable learning encounters for the life ahead.

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