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Beauty Does Not Fit In…It Comes In Various Forms And Sizes…

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“Bipasha would have been prettier if she were fairer”, the housewives chattered in a kitty party while they watched her in one of her songs.  Meanwhile a sound from a different corner came , “her body is so manly, it seems like she has a transsexual inside her soul”, and then they all busted into laughter.

We live in a society that tends to bind beauty with stereotypes.
The following are the characteristics of our society:

1. The complexion of a person decides whether he or she is good looking or not.

2. Body shaming is a tool for making people laugh.

3. The amount of clothes on a woman’s body defines her character…

All of these need to be replaced with the ideology of accepting the character of a person irrespective of his/her appearance.

Most of the profiles on  matrimonial sites, in our country are huffed and puffed with demands ranging from a  ‘want for a beautiful bride’, ‘ should be fair and tall’, ‘ should be fair and slim’ , ‘ should have a good smile’ and so on. More hypocritical, matrimonial advertisements seen in newspapers have the capacity to blow our minds.

Tyra Banks once asked Aishwarya Rai Bacchhan on her show “Are Indians obsessed with fair complexion?” and She replied “Yes, they actually are and there is nothing that can stop people from buying Fair and Lovely in our country” with an utter embarrassment in her eyes.  Fair and Lovely still remains one of the most visible products in a girl’s wardrobe.  In India, the fair complexion of your skin and your success are positively correlated.  that promises to make them immensely successful just by making them fair.”

The young generation of our country is not capable to think beyond the generalizations of looking smart and fair. The way the fairness creams are portrayed in the reel world is extremely rhetoric. It entices people and make them believe that fairness is the only way for their glory.  The truth is that this mentality of having fair complexion is an epidemic disease which will surely  plague our society one day!  Indians are so engrossed into this ‘white effect’ and its high time that we alter this ideology. Sometimes I feel that being ruled by the white race is a supreme authority for most of the Indians as the ones who ruled were superlatively fairer.

Are we seriously this shallow? Are the characters and the skills of a person not important? I am ashamed to say this but people are so ‘complexion crazy’ even in this century. We are demented enough to practice such stuffs., As a country, we have some big problems to solve.

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A diary of a renowned dermatologist (Not taking names!) illustrates the fact that ‘Most of the clients are in an urge of having a lighter complexion’. The silly part is that they are ready to pay umpteenth amount of money for that purpose. Not even girls, boys also  visit   for “so called good-looks”.  Whenever you feel that a person should have a fair complexion, always remember this quote “Don’t tell her she is pretty for a dark skinned girl. Dark skin is not a badge of shame, but rather a glorious masterpiece created by God himself”.

We don’t have to be someone else. We are here to walk our own “Walk”, talk our own “Talk”, showcase our own “Style”, wear “What We Want”, and “Where We Want”..

Always remember beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and we must respect every sort of beauty around us.

Long hairs are beautiful and short hairs are beautiful too.

Straight hairs are sultry but curly hairs are mesmerizing too.

Being a fashionista is commendable but being a tomboy should not be mocked down either.

Having fair complexion is fine but having a dark complexion does not makes you ugly.

To all the lovely ladies out there, just don’t get hurt when someone passes clichéd and nasty comment on you. Remember you are a lady with a heart of lioness.

The most beautiful girl on this planet “Beyoncé Knowles” is black. The second most beautiful girl who has a dusky complexion  and has made our country proud  is none other than “Priyanka Chopra”.

So, all girls out there, go in front of the mirror, flip your elegance, personify your sophistication and say to yourself that YOU ARE WORTH ENOUGH OF DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SURVIVE THIS LIFE.

We can never fit into the world of different mindsets and characters. We all have different terms…. We don’t have to fit in to look beautiful as we are more than our complexion….



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