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8 Things You are Doing Wrong in Your Relationship

relationship problems that we all face

Relationships are a delightful bond people share. Seeing two people in a relationship gives you trust that something pure can truly exist.

However, reality strikes when these wonderful bonds disintegrate and things turn out badly.

Nobody at any point said relationships are simple 100 per cent of the time. Joining the lives of two individuals is quite often an activity in persistence, trust, and honesty—, which are not attributes that come effectively to everybody. Truth be told, a considerable lot of us participate in habits that can be harming to our relationships, in many cases without knowing it.

Which is, obviously, absolutely human. For whatever length of time that you gain from your slip-ups and endeavour to transform, they are not typically the end of the world. Nonetheless, if you commit relationship errors on the ordinary (think lying, cheating, keeping secrets) and try to tidy up your ways, you can reasonably anticipate that the entire thing should go up in smoke.

So to have a healthy thing on, you’ll both need to endeavour to keep away from sh*tty relationship pitfalls. This requires a deep feeling of trust, so take a shot at building that early and often to arrive at this level of openness. Also, while you’re busy, read on for certain habits you should keep away from.

We all have been there when something goes wrong and even before we can act, relationships break. But the problem is we never realize what really went wrong.

Trying to be a mind-reader

Do not try to be a mind reader in a relationship

While you know each other well, do not assume you can read each other’s minds. This game of reading minds gets more people into trouble than you can even count. You should always ask it out for what you want no matter how long you have been together. Speak it out each other every single time to avoid any sort of miscommunication.

Not paying enough attention

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We understand that the honeymoon phase ends soon and keeping things as dreamy as it was in the beginning, you must never fail to pay attention at any point in time. Texting, playing or watching TV while your partner is trying to share something is rude and is going to end up in arguments. Try to pay some attention to what the other person is up to.

Telling Lies

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Why is there a need to lie when you have a beautiful relationship? Trust is the most basic block of any relationship. You let it slip and your relationship is doomed to drown.

Shutting your partner out

do not shut up your partner in a relationship

Never “stonewall” shut your partner out when you are feeling upset. It is not a good idea. It is easy to get your feelings hurt and shut off emotionally, but that is the kiss of death in a lot of relationships. Punishing your partner for having feelings by not speaking at all is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship.

Placing blame instead of accepting your mistakes

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After an argument, it can be tempting to place blame on your partner. Yet, this habit can be pretty darn damaging to your relationship. It is much healthier to own your mistakes and talk about solutions together, instead of pointing fingers.

Skipping important arguments

ant conversations in a relationships

If you think avoiding an argument is going to calm things down, then you are completely wrong. It is just going to build more anger in your partner and establish an idea about your lack of involvement. Sometimes it is important to discuss.

Trying to change them


The person you are with is the person you really like. If you try to change them thinking it is going to bring some good, just beware you might lose the person you liked in the process.

Being judgmental

never be judgmental in a relationship

If you try to act just like all the other people out there about your partner and their choices, you cannot be special to them. While you could always give suggestions, being judgmental is mean.

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