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8 Diet Tips for Monsoon

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The monsoon season is here, with the increasing amount of heat, the shower of relief is here. Monsoon season opens a lot of options for people to travel to hill stations and have fun in the rain, wonder and taste variety of food. Unfortunately, everything comes with a con; the season brings a lot of health issues and water borne diseases.

The humid and wet atmosphere welcomes a lot of bacteria, which can affect your health and daily routines. However, following a good diet can help you stay away from some of the water borne diseases, Diarrhea, dengue and viral fever.

Following are some tips which can help you stay healthy and can let you enjoy the monsoon season with less chances to fall ill.

1.Avoiding food with high water content – its best to avoid food with high water content like cucumber and watermelon as it can swell up the body.

2. Eat seasonal fruits in rainy season as they help build immunity and restore energy. Apple, pomegranates, mangoes and pears are some of the best fruits.

3. Always carry your own water and avoid drinking water from different sources which are not dependable enough. Avoid drinking beverages from roadside vendors.

4. Wash fruits and vegetables before eating or cooking; wash them 2-3 times. Green vegetables are the carriers of bacteria. Avoid buying pre-cut vegetables or fruits.

5. Eat a light meal – avoid a lot of sodium and limit yourself on dairy products.

6. While we all crave for fried foods during rainy season, there is a reason we must stop. The highly humid weather causes our digestion process to slow down and fried snacks, as it is, take a lot of time to digest. This can cause bloating, gas or acidity. These foods also contain a lot of sodium, which can cause water retention.

7. Exercise daily – engage yourself in different type of physical activities which will keep your body healthy.

8. Keep yourself and your body clean – wash your hand before and after consuming anything which may give you any kind of infection.

It is very important to be active in such a weather which constantly encourages you to be lazy. Eat healthy, be active, and limit yourself from eating out. Go for a homemade snack and food. Personal hygiene during rainy season is very important. There is no chance you did not step on that muddy puddle through the day. Wash it with an anti-bacterial solution or soap to clean all of the germs.

There is a lot you can do, when you know you are always the one affected by the season change, especially monsoon. As much as seasonal changes make you happy, it comes with a lot conditions to take care of. Opt for the above mention tips and keep yourself save this monsoon.   

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