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8 Common Relationship Problems: Solve them instantly!

relationship problem

Relationships can be perfect – but in reality, rarely exist without their problem.

Once you are in a committed relationship, your joys multiply by infinity and you look forward to spending the rest of your life with that person. Romance fills the air around you and everything around starts looking extraordinarily beautiful. Over time, you look forward to a new life with your other half.

The journey to lifelong intimacy and love begins! But!! It is not always a merry-go-round! Well, quite a lot as it happens. Despite being the holy grail of happiness for most people, relationships aren’t without their struggles and can often involve quite a bit of hard work. If you deal with the situations and problem with care, you will be lucky enough to avoid the problems that might over time lead to some serious consequences.

The best way to approach it would be to make yourself aware of what these problems can be. Talk out these problems with your other half. It will at least make things clear as to where each one of you stand and what your opinions are on a particular issue.

Here, we take a peek into some very common couple problems.

Different People Different Priorities

priorities in relationship

We all know, no two individuals are alike and this states that they will obviously have a different set of priorities altogether. Some priorities may be common and some different. Being in a relationship, partners should respect the priorities of each other. Priorities could be anything, for one it could be meeting office deadlines for the other one it could be completing house chores. Be as understanding as you can and always talk out your priorities. Let your other half know that they are truly important but there are certain things that are to be completed. Be an understanding couple and avoid all kinds of misunderstandings.

Having a Controlling Personality

space issue in relationship

We will all agree that people are on their best behavior during the early days of a relationship, where the only concern is the need to impress and put their best foot forward. So don’t ignore any red flags that your partner might be controlling or demanding, or other signs of a toxic personality. These will not only get worse, but could also … foreshadow a potentially abusive partner. It is also possible that your partner might not even realize that they are coming off, or the impact they’re having on you. For them, it might be there general normal nature. This nature can make the other partner less loved and submissive in nature. It makes the relationship a not so healthy one. If this problem does not seem to go away, it’s time to move on. But before moving on, try to make a conversation and make your partner understand what is going wrong.

Trust issues- that you never knew about

trust issues

Trust is one of the key component of a relationship. You can’t even think about fixing a relationship problem if you don’t trust your partner. Is there something that makes you doubt him/her? Do you happen to have any unresolved past issues? Talk them out! Before it is too late.

An Inability to Communicate

An open and honest communication is something you’ll have to work on throughout your entire relationship. Even the healthiest couples having the healthies relationship do have ups and downs, and moments where they don’t “get” each other. If communication doesn’t feel at least relatively easy right out of the gate, things will probably only get worse. Having poor communication habits will eventually harm the relationship. You really can’t create a healthy connection if you aren’t listening to each other and respecting each other’s opinions.

Role defining- make it fair

equality in relationship

Who does what? Is the biggest problem. In a relation there are many duties to fulfill. Living alone is different from living with a partner. Responsibilities increase and work at home too goes up a little. Help each other out, work on the home as a team and get things done together. Try to avoid things like ‘it is not my work’.

Financial Secrets

It’s not uncommon to downplay financial issues in the first few months of dating. People want to make a good first impression, and you probably won’t find yourself talking about finances on a first date. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy to hide this part of yourselves forever. If you or your partner have a lot of debt, bad spending habits, or a poor credit score — you’ll definitely want to let each other know. These issues always surface at some point.

No sexual chemistry?

lack of sexual intimacy

Even partners who love each other can be a mismatched, sexually. “Not tonight or not in a mood” worsens these problems. But having sex is one of the last things you should give up. Sex is that one thing that brings people closer, releases hormones that helps bodies both physically and mentally, and keeps the chemistry of a healthy couple healthy.

If you two aren’t the most sexually compatible, you can definitely work on it by communicating and experimenting. And over time, you may find your groove and start to have great sex. But if there seems to be no chemistry whatsoever, keep in mind this problem doesn’t always work itself out — especially if you aren’t willing to talk about it.

Poor Time Management

Do you face a problem where you spend all your time at work and never make time for your partner? Everyone has the right to expect to spend quality time with their loved one, at least during the weekend. When that’s not fulfilled, be prepared for problems. Sort out this problem before it makes your relationship-goals like relationship down the gutter.

Do any of these issues affect your relationship? If yes, find the solution for it now!

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