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7 Top Cures to Try When Hangover Hits You Hard

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Honestly, raise your hand if you have ever Googled “Can I die from a hangover?” or “The best way to cure a hangover?”

Individuals of the web, we have all been there. Following a night of going excessively hard with the LIIT’s or going out for a friend’s birthday, we wake up with a totally raging headache, puffy eyes, and an upset stomach, isn’t that so?

After a long discussion and some great antiquated web scouring, we found the best hangover hacks to get you from 0 to at any rate 50 percent real quick, cannot get you more than 50, rest would take a whole day!

Keep in mind: drinking can be fun, but it can likewise be incredibly addicting and dangerous. 

Turn up the A/C

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We would all agree that nothing is worse than waking up drenched in sweat, having a banging headache and wondering what you did to last night that transported you here, into this sick hell somehow. Always keep in mind, as soon as you are about to hit your bed, crank up the A/C as high as it goes, and add in comfy, soft blankets as your body starts to cool down. This will not get rid of your hangover symptoms in the morning, but it will genuinely make sure your body feels a whole lot more comfortable. 

Eat before

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Nothing can be done now if you are already laying in bed in pain. Keep this trick in mind for next time! Because yes, we all know, even though you are at the moment saying, you will never drink again, you will, and you too are sure about it! 

Before a night out, make sure you fill your stomach well. Please don’t play the trick of “I won’t eat so I can save money at the bar!” thing, this is one of the major reasons to keep hangovers from coming the next morning. Always make sure to eat a meal that is balanced in carbohydrates and protein. While having food keep an eye out for overly spicy foods or acids that might cause heartburn. The last thing we want to deal with the morning after is having to take a handful of antacids just to get through breakfast. 

Have a drink (yes, seriously)

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A lot of people do swear by this trick for getting over a nasty hangover and getting the day started. I am not saying to chug a beer at 10 am, all I am asking you to add a little champagne in the morning and it might do the trick. 

When the methanol in alcohol enters the body, it turns into formaldehyde, giving us hangover-like symptoms. By drinking a little more the next morning, you tell your body to stop the process of turning methanol into formaldehyde, and the methanol is excreted as waste. 

Drink Gatorade

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Having Gatorade is sure to replenish all those electrolytes you lost dancing the night away. 

Sleep in

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Unless you have something important to do, I would recommend you to spend the whole day sleeping. Keep on adding some water to your system and get extreme amounts of rest to rid of this.

Activated Charcoal

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We all have heard about how amazing charcoal is for removing toxins from our skin and brightening our teeth. Alongside providing all these benefits, activated charcoal is also a great resource for getting over a hangover. It enters your body and helps pull all the toxic out. 


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This is the key ingredient that is sure to do magic for you! When I say water, I do not mean talking sips here. After going crazy over alcohol, your body desperately needs some rehydration. Grab your favorite water bottle, and chug this now the same way you did with your LIIT’s, my friend. Your organs will thank you.

If all of this fails, lay in bed crying, holding your head and sipping water, and wishing you had never discovered the pain and suffering that is alcohol. Cheers!

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